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ESPN’s Brian Windhorst joined The Hochman, Crowder & Krantz Show Wednesday to discuss his new book “Return of the King: LeBron James & The Cleveland Cavaliers and The Greatest Comeback In NBA History”.

While Windhorst, who co-authored the book with fellow ESPN writer Dave McMenamin, is not the most liked media personality in South Florida. Fans haven’t been shy about expressing their disdain for the LeBron-following reporter.

Having been one of the reporters who initially – and correctly – predicted James’ return to his hometown Ohio, Windhorst didn’t ingratiate himself with Heat fans.

For what it’s worth, Windhorst offered an apology to Heat fans.

During the interview, Windhorst talked about the new book; LeBron’s meeting with the Heat before he left Miami; Dwyane Wade leaving Miami and the Heat fans support of the team this season.

Listen to the full interview