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MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) — A half-blind, aging chihuahua has been reunited with her an owner following a rescue by an animal lover who likely saved her from being run over.

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Earlier this week, Micha Porat found 13-year-old Osita wandering alone on 2nd Street and Meridian Avenue in South Beach.

“The dog was in the middle of the street, looking scared and confused,” he said. “The cars were driving by and I was wondering what would a dog be doing in the middle of the street?”

His fatherly instinct kicked in.

Porat pulled over on the side of the road and with the help of other Good Samaritans, was able to carry Osita to safety and back home with him, in hopes of finding her owner.

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At home, Osita was given a bath and introduced to a new friend, Porat’s dog named Gomi.

“My dog fell in love with her,” he said. “It was pretty cute. They got along really well, actually.”

But Gomi is no ordinary dog. He’s “insta-famous” with more than 80,000 followers on Instagram. It’s thanks to him and his popularity that Osita was able to reunite with her owner. Porat posted a picture of Gomi and Osita together, along with videos, and shared her story with Gomi’s thousands of followers.

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MISSING/LOST CHIHUAHUA FOUND! Hey guys, my Daddy just found a lost and scared Chihuahua in the street in South Beach on 2nd and Meridian (south of 5th) at 1am this morning! She was terrified and walking in the middle of the street and could have been hit by cars. She was running away from my dad scared but some nice people helped us gather her and my Dad put her in his car and drove her home to me. We gave her a bath because she was a little dirty, poor girl. It turns out once she got over her initial fear she is super sweet! And as soon as she met me she started wagging her tail and smelling my butt! She did not have a collar on but tomorrow we are gonna take her to the vet to see if she has a chip! We are hoping that we can find her mommy and or daddy! If anyone recognizes her or heard anything about a missing chihuahua let us know. Also she may be blind but my dad's not sure, she has those cloudy eyes. Wishing the best for this sweety I already love her! I Keep wanting to play with her but Daddy is saying let her rest because she might have been through a lot 😩

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The power of social media worked. Someone recognized Osita, who is partly deaf and suffering from cataracts.

Gustavo Briand was going crazy looking for his little dog. Two days earlier, he said she jumped out of his car and simply ran off. Briand tried the regular approach with posters in the area, but soon steered his search toward the internet.

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“The power of social media. One of my friends saw her on somebody else’s page, I don’t know who it was. But I ended up connecting with Micha,” he said. “Somehow, in my heart, I knew she was okay. It’s a love story!”

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Reunited and it feels so good! But If you're wondering why I'm the only one who doesn't look happy here 😩 it might be my Only Child Syndrome coming out (wanting Osita for myself 🤦🏼‍♂️) Plus saying goodbye is never easy! But of course I'm happy to put Osita and her Daddy back together like one big happy family again! FYI: CBS Channel 4 covered our story 😱 interviewed me and everything 😜 and Will be airing at 6pm today on CBS so check it out! I tried to really get a few points across with this story: 1: make sure your chip is registered to your PAWrents, because Osita's wasn't and we found out from bringing her in that mine wasn't either #MyDumbDaddy 👻 both our Daddy's were actually told we were registered but it turns out we weren't! 2: if you lose your dog don't lose hope! Make the effort and good things can happen! 3: if you see a dog in the street, you can make a difference and help the dog to find its owner, once again good things can happen! Just make sure to approach slowly and with caution as the dog may be very scared. 4: The power of social media, meaning YOU, my followers, reunited this dog to her Daddy! So good job guys it was you that did this! 👏👏 Love ya !! #gomithefrenchie #lilgomitheillesthomie

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