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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Here’s one way to reduce waste from the millions – maybe billions – of water bottles we throw away every year: eat the packaging!

“Most people just grab a bottle of water, hold it for five minutes, drink it and throw it away. How can that then exist for 700 years?” said Lise Honsinger, COO/CFO of Skipping Rocks Lab. “So this absolutely a solution to that. We are very purest; we don’t want to see this packaged in plastic. No, this will be served as-is, as a packaging.”

Ooho is an edible jelly-like sphere filled with drinkable liquid and made of natural, biodegradable materials that the makers hope could one day replace plastic bottles.

“It’s a membrane made of seaweed that can contain water or any kind of liquid. It’s made from an extract of the brown seaweed called alginate,” said Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, founder of Skipping Rocks Lab.

Ad it doesn’t actually taste like seaweed. In fact, the packaging has no taste at all.

The company just finished raising their first round of capital in hopes of bringing the product into the mainstream.

The makers said besides water, they also see Ooho being used at bars to sell edible shot bubbles.

“Separately, there’s the bar market. Obviously, people see these small round bubbles and they just think ‘shots.’ So that’s definitely something we’re looking at,” Honsinger said. “We have encapsulated alcohol, we want to perfect it, and then hopefully this will be the Jägerbomb of the future.”


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