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Information provided by Catherine McElrath, Publication Specialist II, Broward County Libraries Division

Free movies, books, music, online classes, TV shows and eBooks are right at your fingertips if you have a Broward County Library card. Getting a card is easy, and it’s the only card you need to unlock a world of information and educational resources! 

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With a Broward County Library card, you can: 

  • Access more than three million books, videos, CDs, DVDs, CD ROMs, online movies and TV shows, downloadable music and audiobooks
  • Search the online or traditional catalog for library materials
  • Place holds on materials you are interested in
  • Renew materials
  • Enroll in free online classes
  • Learn foreign languages
  • Get free tutoring
  • Access job search assistance such as interview coaching and resume writing

If you don’t have one yet – what are you waiting for?

Broward County Library cards are free for residents and long-term visitors of Broward County as well as those who work or go to school in Broward.

Broward County Library offers four types of library cards: 

  • Resident Card: Anyone who lives, works or attends school in Broward County are eligible for a library card, free of charge.
  • Visitor Card: A Visitor Card is valid for up to six months. Applicant must present identification as described below with an out-of-county permanent address and either a lease or rental agreement to verify Broward County address.
  • Courtesy Card: A Courtesy Card for non-residents who go to school or work in Broward County is valid for one year. Applicants must present identification as listed below and one of the following: current school schedule with school address; current school ID (must identify a school in Broward County); employment ID (must identify a Broward County employer address); letter from school registrar’s office; or a payroll stub showing Broward County address of employer.
  • Non-Resident Card: A Non-Resident Card is valid for up to one year and costs $50.

Getting a Broward County Library card is easy! 

If you’re a resident of Broward County, you can apply online at or at any Broward County Library location. If you’re not a resident or need to reregister for a library card, please visit one of our library locations for assistance. 

Identification Requirements:

When you apply for a Broward County Library Card at a library or check materials out of the library for the first time after having applied online, go to the Circulation Services Desk at

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any Broward County Library location to present valid identification. Valid identification includes any one of the following: State of Florida driver’s license; State of Florida photo ID card or State of Florida firearms license.

If you do not have one of these forms of identification, then bring one of the items listed in Section A plus one of the items listed in Section B.

Section A – Photo Identification: Out-of-state or international driver’s license (if now residing permanently in Broward County); resident or condo card; passport; credit card (with photo only); student ID; Broward County Transit card; work ID (with photo only); wholesale club card; resident alien card; U.S. Uniformed Services I.D. card.

Section B – Address Verification: Voter identification/registration card; auto registration; utility bill; check imprinted with name and address; official bank statement; standard lease agreement (no rent receipts) or a mortgage document.

Now that you have all the info needed to get your Broward County Library card, what are you waiting for? 

Get your card and get ready to access a world of free resources for entertainment, recreation, education and more.

The Children’s Services Council of Broward County is an independent taxing authority which was established by a public referendum on September 5, 2000, and reauthorized via referendum on November 4, 2014, which, through Public Act, Chapter 2000-461 of the laws of Florida, authorized the Council to levy up to 0.5 mills of property taxes. The role of the Council is to provide the leadership, advocacy and resources necessary to enhance children’s lives and empower them to become responsible, productive adults through collaborative planning and funding of a continuum of quality care. To learn more about programs and services the Children’s Services Council funds, please call (954) 377-1000.  

Above content provided by Children’s Services Council of Broward County.


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