By Lisa Petrillo

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – There’s Jack Osborne, Jack Lord, Jack Sparrow, Jackie Robinson – all on the celebrity wall at Jack’s Miami in Wynwood.

The Italian eatery honors the iconic ‘Jack of all trades’ from JFK and his first lady to Jack Skeleton, Jackie Chan and even Jack Kevorkian!

Owner JP Parlavechio, was once the manager of actor Mickey Rourke and spent time in the company of one famous Jack – Nicholson that is.

“I used to run into all the celebrities and everyone asked me, ‘do you know Jack?’ And they said, ‘you don’t know Jack,’and that was the first time I started thinking about it,” said Parlavechio.

JP, who has been in the South Florida hospitality business for years and his friend and business partner nightlife impresario Alan Roth came together to create the homey eatery that’s all about having a great homemade Italian meal.

“The recipes, about 70 % of them, were created by JP’s mom and his grandmother, so there is a real history, a real sense of home,” said Roth.

JP’s grandmother is known as Nonna.

“It’s my grandmother’s, my mother’s, even my great grandmother for some recipes,” JP said.

Back in the kitchen, JP prepares Nonna’s homemade meatballs. They cook in the gravy for six hours but that is about all he will say.

“I’m the only one who makes the meatballs. No one else makes the meatballs,” he said.

“Don’t question Nonna’s meatballs,” CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo said after tasting them. “That lady knew what she was doing. The textures – it’s sweet and savory and then the ricotta on top…Mange, mange!”

Next up was Chef Joe’s family recipe for short ribs. They’re braised for seven hours then served with creamy mashed potatoes.

“It falls off the bone. It’s completely delicious and this gravy brings it together and brings it home,” said Petrillo.

The final dish was a pasta dish known as the “Jackie O.”

“It’s Gemelli pasta with garlic, oil, portobello mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, basil, and breadcrumbs,” said JP.

“I love the Portobello mushrooms and the tomato and the really light garlic and oil sauce. The pasta is cooked perfectly, al dente, just the way I like it,” Petrillo said.

It’s called Jack’s Miami – where you can eat Nonna’s home-cooked food and prove to everyone.

“Guess what?” said Petrillo. “I know Jack!”

“Nah,” said JP. “You still don’t know Jack.”

Jack’s Miami is opened 7 days a week Monday through Friday for lunch and dinner. On Saturday and Sunday it’s dinner only. Sunday gravy is served on Sundays.

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