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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — A drink that’s been around for centuries is gaining popularity with promises of improving your health – Kombucha.

GT Dave has been making Kombucha at his LA factory for more than 20 years. His inspiration comes from his parents’ recipe.

Kombucha is a bittersweet tea fermented with a culture of bacteria and yeast.  The pieces floating in the bottle are living organisms similar to the live probiotic cultures found in yogurt.

“You can be hardcore intense where it’s hard to get one sip down and there’s the other side of the spectrum where it’s like oh, it’s like soda pop,” said GT Dave with GT’s Kombucha.

The fizzy beverage boasts a range of health benefits including better digestion and a stronger immune system.

Consumers have fueled a market projected to reach $1.8 billion globally by 2020 – up from $600 million in 2015.

It’s so popular, Hannah Crum teaches people how to make Kombucha at home.

“All you need to be able to do is boil water and make tea,” said Crum.

Kombucha typically brews for one to two weeks and can be an acquired taste.

“A lot of people will give you Kombucha face. It’s a little tangy. It’s a little tart,” Crum said.

Kombucha’s health benefits are not proven medically but Dave is a believer.

“People are tired of being sick and tired and they want to make some changes and they’re seeking out foods that make them feel good naturally,” said GT Dave.

Dave’s brand is now a top seller internationally with 30 flavors.

Consumers should know Kombucha contains small levels of alcohol due to fermentation.

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