By Mike Cugno

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Ryan Grimsland is rising up the ranks in one of the fastest growing sports — CrossFit.

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The 14-year-old currently ranks in the Top 50 in the world for his age group, but his own strength nearly put a hold on his athletic future.

“His muscle mass was growing too fast than his tendons could handle,” said his mother, Jessica Grimsland. “And it was pulling on his pelvic bone and it created a huge crack.”

The physical rehab is paying off, but to ensure his mind was in the right place, his mother enlisted the help of some CrossFit champions, Shawn Ramirez and Noah Ohlsen.

“I didn’t even hesitate,” said Ramirez. “I opened my arms, I opened up Miami to him. Got him down here now and that’s when I called Noah and I told him, ‘Look, this kid just really is a fighter and he came back. Let’s surprise him and let him be a part of our world down here.'”

The teen simply thought he was coming to Miami to hang out.

“Just hang out, work out with Shawn. And then he’s like, ‘Oh, I have a surprise down the street,'” said Grimsland. “We’re coming down the street and I see (Peak 360 CrossFit) and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ Nerves were going everywhere.”

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He was also shocked at the realization that the Crossfit competitors aren’t actually “larger than life.”

“At first, I looked at (Noah) and he was shorter than I thought he was. Way shorter,” said the teenager. “Then hearing him and him knowing my name, all that was awesome.”

Not only did Grimsland get to sit in on a training session, he received some valuable tips that can be passed on to any teenager in any sport.

“As long as you listen to your body at this age, and you don’t push that lactic threshold, and push it to that very end every time,” said Ramirez. “And do multiple sports.”

“I think if you start doing that from a young age and focus on moving the right way, and making sure things feel good, and not just worrying about how fast you’re going, then you’re setting yourself up for a long road of success,” added Ohlsen.

Right now, all three of these guys are in open competition for the 2017 Crossfit Games. It’s a difficult task made easier with the right support system in place.

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“I think if I can inspire Ryan a little bit to stay on the track that he’s on, then that will make me feel a little more fulfilled in my journey,” said Ohlsen.