By Jim DeFede

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POMPANO BEACH (CBSMiami) – Roger Stone, the longtime advisor to President Donald Trump, said he was the victim of a hit-and-run driver Wednesday morning in Pompano Beach.

“They just came at us full force,” Stone told CBS4 News. “The driver then threw it in reverse and took off.”

Stone, who has previously admitted to having “back-channel” communications with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and who more recently acknowledged trading messages with the famed Russian hacker Guccifer 2.0, remains a central figure in the Congressional investigation into Russia’s attempts to influence the presidential election.

Stone was on his way to Orlando to promote his latest book on Trump when the accident occurred.

“Out of nowhere we were T-boned essentially by a late model 4-door what I’m now told was a Pontiac,” he said.

Stone said he was a passenger in the car and that the airbags deployed on his side and prevented him from being more seriously injured.

“I’m bruised but I’m OK,” he said, adding his vision is blurry.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office confirmed there was a hit-and-run crash at the time and location described by Stone.

The accident occurred at 10:45 am in Pompano Beach at NW 7th Avenue and 1st Street, according to the incident report obtained by CBS4 News.

The report states that a deputy was not dispatched to the accident until 11:56 a.m. – more than 70 minutes after the crash. The deputy arrived on the scene at 11:59 a.m.

The report makes no mention of Stone being a passenger in the vehicle.

Stone said the reason he was not listed as a passenger was because he left the scene when it became clear that a deputy was not being dispatched right away. Stone said after waiting a half hour he called an Uber to take him home while the driver of the car stayed behind.

Stone provided CBS4 News a copy of the Uber receipt showing that he was picked up at the scene of the accident at 11:08 a.m. and driven to his house in Fort Lauderdale.

CBS4 News spoke to two witnesses at the scene of the accident.

“He came out here real fast and he hit this guy and the he took off and went down Atlantic,” Ron Snowden said.

Snowden, who was shown a picture of Stone, aid he saw a man that resembled Stone at the scene talking on a cellphone waiting for police.

CBS4 News also spoke to the driver of the car, John Kakanis, who works as an aide to Stone on his book tour. He said Stone was in the passenger seat of the car at the time of the accident. He said he can’t recall if he told the deputy that Stone was in the car.

“I was pretty shaken,” he said.

Kakanis said he believed the car that hit him – a grey, four-door sedan, with tinted windows – did so deliberately.

“It looked kind of intentional,” he said.

The car then took off.

The incident report shows there was extensive damage to the passenger side of Kakanis’ car and that it had to be towed from the scene.

Stone claimed it was the second attempt on his life in the past six months. Stone previously claimed he was poisoned with polonium and became ill but recovered.

“I believe I was poisoned back around Christmas,” he said. “I know some people chortle and say this was a way for me to sell books.”

Stone, however, denied it was a stunt.

One reason why people are prone to doubt Stone is that he is a self-described master of political dirty tricks who got his start in the Nixon Administration.

Stone’s ties to both Trump and the ongoing scandal however, is not in doubt. Stone was a former business partner with Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign manager whose ties to Russia are also being scrutinized.

Asked if he thought the accident was tied to the Russian hacking scandal, Stone said, “It certainly could be.”

“You could make the case that the Russians want to off me because they do not want me to testify because it would show their hand. That would be obvious,” he said.

But Stone isn’t excluding the possibility it could be another group.

“It is more likely that someone would like it to look like the Russians tried to bump me off,” he said.

He added, “It happens on a day when the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee calls for me” to appear before the panel. (Earlier in the day, Congressman Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, mentioned Stone by name.)

“I have to guess that somebody doesn’t want me to testify at those hearings,” he explained. “If I testify, it is going to prove that this whole narrative on which I believe surveillance of the president was based, i.e. that the Trump campaign was infiltrated by the Russians, is false.”

Stone said he looks forward to being able to testify. He said he has done nothing wrong.

“I would love to clear the air on this whole thing,” he said.

Several hours after Wednesday’s crash, Stone appeared on Alex Jones’ InfoWars.

Jim DeFede

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  1. I’m a YUUGE Trump supporter. I’m not a fan of Roger Stone. The guy may have gone over the deep end. Quite the attention seeker.

  2. Ra Williams says:

    I balked at the poison attempt but you can’t fake air bags! Lay low Roger! The Hillary types are after you!

  3. Terry Hood says:

    Curiously, no mention of the fact that Stone either quit or was fired by Trump on August 15, 2015 and all the presumed Russian communications occurred well after that date.

  4. libserum says:

    This is the same guy who claimed to have been poisoned… I’m a Trump supporter and I’m also a supporter of reality (same d@mn thing, lefties. Don’t bother) AND there was the Demo worker murdered last summer, yes, likely liquidation for political reasons. BUT this dude sounds nuts, thus the “EX” in his advisory status.

  5. How many times I need to remind the MSM that Manafort had ties to Ukrainians not Russians? and the so called ties are Elections Campaigns consultancy.

  6. CBS Miami, This is why people turn to the alt-media. You (and the MSM in general) cannot continue to lie to the public and assume you won’t be caught. You will be caught. The public already knows that Paul Manafort’s business dealings were with the Ukraine, and not with Russia at all. CBS Miami cannot say to itself, “Well, now that Russia has annexed part of the Ukraine (Crimea), we can just conflate Ukraine & Russia and the public will never be the wiser.” Yes, we the public ARE the wiser. Paul Manafort’s dealings with Ukraine ended in 2012, and Russia didn’t annex part of Ukraine until 2014. So CBS Miami’s lie is a LIE.

    Nor do you get off nefariously casting doubt on Roger Stone’s report of a 2nd attempt on his life. You couldn’t be bothered waiting for the police report. In fact, you made sure you rushed to pubish before acquiring the police report, so you could cast aspersions with impunity. This is because CBS Miami knows that many many people, including outspoken people in the MSM itself, have called for Trump’s own assissination. So there can be no doubt many many people would want Trump’s friends dead, too. But you wanted to pretend they like they (and you?) didn’t want them dead. FAIL. What do you take your readers for?

    The “failing CBS Miami” is contributing to its own demise, and we just watch and say, “HAHAHAHAHA……..”

  7. It’s time we took the fight to them. Left Liberals are puzzy’s. Nuff said.

  8. Stone has been taking a lot of fire lately which means he must be over the target…

  9. Pat Ch says:

    Roger Stone has been trying ti insert himself into the news for years. He does not work for Trump, and i do not believe was ever paid by Trump. He is a crank.

  10. HEY CBS you CAN NOT use another media channels video clip! It’s called INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INFRINGEMENT! NBC & CNN SAID SO!

  11. When will we state what is becoming obvious: that Libs are terrorists? They employ the same techniques as terrorists to advance their agenda. We are a nation of laws and adhere to the rule of law, but Libs try to assert mob rule and try to get their way with terroristic threats, intimidation, lies, riots and violence. Liberal terrorism has been an accepted method on college campuses to run off any Conservative speaker who dares to “invade” their space. What about Libs invading OUR space?! It is time to meet terrorist acts with prompt legal action as well as meeting violence with violence. As Obama said, if they bring a knife, you bring a gun. Libs have chosen this method of advancing their agenda, so let’s start playing their game by THEIR rules!

  12. Tim Osman says:

    why did it take police over an hour to respond to a major accident? I guess they had to make sure the hit and run driver wouldn’t get caught.