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Whether people will admit it or not, everyone wants to “go viral”.

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In today’s social-media driven world; clicks, likes, re-tweets and shares almost take the place of green paper and metal coins.

Because of this pejorative reality, it’s commonplace for major social events to do something that’s going to start “trending” – whether it goes exactly how they planned it or if it was just a click-happy accident.

The latest culprit is the 89th Academy Awards – better known as The Oscars.

Presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Oscars took placed this past Sunday and were supposed to be honoring the best films of 2016.

For all intents and purposes, the night was going well. Until it came time to announce the winner for Best Picture.

If you have not seen it by now, here’s the “detes”:

Since then, that is all most people have been talking about.

It definitely invokes thoughts back to Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe snafu, but The Oscars should be so lucky for their gaffe to be viewed in such a way.

But the big question that continues to pop up is: was it real?

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Did they stage the whole thing?

Is some unnamed producer going to be updating his LinkedIn profile while looking like the Jordan crying meme or is someone getting countless pats on the back for thinking up such a genius rouse?

The guys from Miami Sports Radio 560 WQAM #WeighIn

JoeRose 600x450Joe Rose (from Monday Morning’s show)
“We love train wrecks. I understand that. Instead of being nice and fluffy last night and the right people getting the award…it has to be a train wreck. But there’s no way that everyone could have been in on that. There’s just no way.”

channing-crowder-600x450Channing Crowder
“I believe it was staged. There have been 88 Oscars and coincidentally the same year the Steve Harvey fiasco goes down, is the same year we accidentally mess up Big Picture, the most important category at the Oscars!”

curtis-stevenson-600x450Curtis Stevenson
“Although it was highly suspicious that the mishap occurred during the most prestigious Oscar award I find it inconceivable that the parties involved would all agree to make a mockery of it. The Motion Picture Association or “Academy” has always been looked at as taking itself too seriously so no way they would pull a stunt like we saw Sunday night.”

alex-donno-600x450Alex Donno
“My two cents…The Oscars flub looked staged to me. You expect me to believe they hand out the wrong card for the most important award of the night? In the age of viral video, the Academy seized the opportunity capture the eyes of those who didn’t watch the event live.”

zach-krantz-600x450Zach Krantz
“Last night at the Oscars was a disaster. I do not think it was planned. I think somebody screwed up and will probably lose their job. With saying that, this will end up being the most talked about Oscars ever. So the winner for most popular thing to talk about this week is…of course the Oscars. Well done.”

marc-hochman-600x450Marc Hochman
“I’m not a conspiracy theorist, so I don’t think the end of the Oscars was staged at all. The problem stemmed from a frozen Warren Beatty who refused to acknowledge a problem – even though he recognized there was an issue. If you see something, say something.”

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daniel-rabinowitz_rDanny Rabinowitz
No question last night’s “blunder” was staged the same way Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe “blunder” was staged. These kinds of things benefit everyone involved. Both movies received far more coverage today than they would have, as these were not mainstream movies to begin wit. Even Jimmy Kimmel will benefit as everyone will be tuning in tonight to see what he has to say about it. Clearly staged!”