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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Michelle Meier said her father never said ‘I love you.’

After attempting to work on her relationship with him through self-help books and seminars, she credits a session with a psychic medium for bringing her and her living dad closer together. She claims the psychic, Erica Korman, made contact with her deceased mother.

“My mom very clearly gave me a message that said you need to heal your relationship with your dad and there’s a block there, but it has nothing to do with him, it has to do with you,” said Meier, adding, “My mom’s message through Erica was basically, you know, come back to loving yourself.”

Meier said at that point in time she was dealing with many personal issues including career and relationship changes.

Korman is a New York psychotherapist turned South Florida psychic medium. She told CBS4 News that business is booming as more people look for guides ‘from the other side.’ A 2015 study by market research firm Ibis World shows psychic services have grown to a two-billion dollar a year industry.

“Really, the shift I think is because it works,” said Korman who claims to have discovered her abilities while counseling her psychotherapy patients.

She said she would intuitively know things about them that they hadn’t shared with her. Korman believes we can be guided by our dead relatives and spirit guides who’ve never lived in human form. You may know them as ‘guardian angels.’

“I hear things. I see things and I feel things,” explains Korman, who then said she was connecting to the spirit world for CBS4 Eugene Ramirez.

“This feels now like your guides, and as you were talking – it’s how the energy starts to get flowing – what I saw was bright light,” she said about Ramirez’s recent return to South Florida. Korman then believed she was making contact with a deceased relative.

“I do feel like someone is trying to come through. It feels like a young woman,” said Korman.

Ramirez had an idea of who it could be, but he waited for more clues. Korman gave him a very specific one.

“Is there a cousin,” asked Korman.

She claimed to have made contact with the deceased relative Ramirez was thinking of when she first mentioned the spirit of a young woman.
The message was simple: she’s with her father, and her living mother shouldn’t worry about them.

“She’s coming back because she really wants to heal her mother’s heart and her mother’s heart really needs to be healed,” said Korman.

That healing is what drives many people to contact psychic mediums, but Korman said she’s not out to make anyone a believer.

“If it feels right to you, do it. I am not here to convince anyone to go see a psychic or a medium. If you’re being drawn to it, there usually is a reason,” said Korman.

For Michelle Meier, that reason was to repair the relationship with her father. Meier said since her session with Korman, she’s started doing that.

“I’ve been able to open up more and just be real with him,” said Meier.