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WASHINGTON (CBSMiami) — President Trump is picking a fight with one of the world’s biggest action stars over TV ratings.

At the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., the president joked about “The Apprentice” creator, Mark Burnett, and the low ratings the show has had since Arnold Schwarzenegger stepped into the role the president formerly held as the show’s host.

“When I ran for president, I had to leave the show,” Trump told the crowd. “And they hired a big, big movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to take my place. And we know how that turned out. The ratings went right down the tubes, it’s been a total disaster and Mark will never, ever bet against Trump again.”

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Trump then told the crowd he wanted to pray for Arnold and the show’s poor ratings.

Schwarzenegger, the former Republican governor of California, had said during the presidential election that he would not be voting for Trump.

On Thursday morning, the Terminator fired back with a suggestion.

President Trump is still considered an Executive Producer of the show. The premiere for the show’s newest season earlier this year fell far below season premieres in the past.

Comments (182)
  1. Rod Salter says:

    No thanks Arnold! You made a mess of California and they are still in a mess.

    1. Amen! Kaliforniastan is a train wreck.

    2. chrismaya says:

      As a young Republican living in Northern California, all I can say is NO THANK YOU, ARNOLD!
      Arnold singlehandedly hurt the Republican Party in a state that TWICE elected Ronald Reagan as governor.

      1. Maybe California can secede, and the north can split off and be Jefferson, the 50th state. Then we can wait a few years until the right provocation, declare war, and go in and fix things the way they used to be. It would be liberating by then, most likely.

    3. Hay Awnold!

      you keep the terminator, we like the MAGA-nator.

    4. Rich Tanner says:

      Agreed. Arnold did nothing to stop CA from going downhill… Glad he will not “be back”.

    5. Greg Hawkins says:

      Schwarzenegger sucked as a governor – must be totally deluded if he thinks anybody in flyover country would ever vote for him. He is actually an idiot that should have stuck to making movies – then he had a phony image of success. Now he is just a liberal loser.

  2. Hey maid f&*ker, the last 2 weeks have the best of sleep i’ve had in 8 years

    1. No kidding! I haven’t slept this good in 8 years!
      Arnold must not know that he isn’t even eligible to be prez, considering he was born in Austria.

      1. Andy Stone says:

        Not true. A foreign born Kenyan held the position for 8 torturous years.

    2. hitrestart1 says:

      Geeez, I wish they allowed up votes! First time in nearly 10 years I’m able to sleep soundly.

  3. He needs to go lay down somewhere and just die.

    1. Robert Allen says:

      Oh, c’mon .. that is how Democrats talk. It is okay to disagree without hating.

  4. Given how you ran the State of California (and the fact you not a natural born citizen & can never be President) I stick with President Trump, thank you very much.

  5. Greg Reed says:

    You’re not fit to be dog catcher much less the leader of the free world. Aren’t you supposed to be pushing the man made globull warming lie with al gore somewhere.

  6. Al Carnali says:

    Ya, Arnold did such a swell job in California. At least Trump has the courage of his convictions and is not backing down because of push back from the left.

  7. Mike Favetti says:

    Problem is that Arnold has too much muscle where the gray matter should be, between the ears!

    1. Joe Tonelli says:

      Body by Ferrari brain by Mattel.

  8. Jim Morrison says:

    Arnold just wants access to Illegals so he can impregnate them with his Anchor Babies.

  9. Mike Favetti says:

    Problem is that Arnold has muscle where gray matter should be!

  10. Yeah, Arnold, because you did such a great job with Kalifornia….

  11. Sorry Arnold. YOU chose not to run. And you would have lost anyway. Trumps a winner.

    1. Tim Jones says:

      Almost shot milk out of my nose.

  12. Arnold, my former governor…you had a chance! you blew it! You folded up and ran away like a little dog, with your tail between your legs! you are not a leader like our President Trump! and, yes, we are sleeping very well, thank you!

  13. Shouldn’t you be putting your time to important things like banging ugly maids?

  14. Diane Dodd says:

    Stupid – Stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You would never even get close to being as great as President Trump, remember a bunch of fruits and nuts elected you in California !!!!!!

  15. Hey Arnold – Anyone who thinks calling in the “heavy artillery” in Mobile Strike is an air raid isn’t qualified to be CINC.

  16. I too, am sleeping better since Trump was inaugurated. Arnold…….keep your mouth shut. You have nothing of significance to say.

  17. Well Arnold, the American People just woke up. We are not going to go back to sleep again for a long long time.

  18. What—so you can wreck the Country like you did our state, the State of California? No thanks!

  19. Janet Smith says:

    No one in real America cares what Arnold or any of the other Hollywood pukes think.That’s why Trump is MAGA!!!

  20. Phil Lesher says:

    Yup, Arnold’s dad VOLUNTEERED to be a Nazi SS…sounds like Arnold would be Soros’ presidential candidate.

    1. That is an unfair criticism. Regardless of how you feel about Arnold, he is not responsible for his father’s sins.

  21. Arnold’s dreaming of all the maids who work in the White House.

  22. Troy Dynes says:

    The Schwartz will try to impregnate the staff.

  23. Well, his ego had to hit back. But Trump just has way too much momentum right now. Probably should have hit back with humility and modesty.

  24. The guy was a disaster as our governor and folded to pressure from the left not to mention he was a TERRIBLE husband who banged the housekeeper and fathered an illegitimate son. NO THANKS ARNOLD.

  25. Ben Franklin says:

    From the guy who single handedly destroyed the Republican party in California through his absolutely horrible performance as governor? Moonbeam is a better governor than you were, and that is REALLY saying something.

    Please, go join the Democrats. Whatever you do, stay away from any office of government.

  26. Oops. Read beyond the headline. Trump started it by referring to how “The Apprentice” has lower share now than when Trump starred. Arnold’s response was reasonable. They both are no doubt laughing at the “controversy”.

  27. Jim Foles says:

    Arnold had a hidden family with children.. He is hollywood and qualified..

  28. Leo Rodolfo says:

    Sorry, Arnold, but the fact is….you are not qualified to be President of the United States.

    In more ways than one.

  29. Arnold is all flabby. He can no longer produce muscle tissue due to constant use of steroids. He admits abusing it his entire career. The only woman he could bang was his own unattractive maid. It’s not even his child, but he accepted it in order to not be teased about his zero sperm count.

  30. Stifle it, Arnold. For the past few months, I’ve been sleeping better than I have in 8 years.

  31. The sad thing is #liberal #progressive #media would ignore ur #sexual mess with #nanny unlike what they did 2 @POTUS #hotmic

  32. Neuro Mancer says:

    Trashing Trump isn’t going to save your career, Arnold.

  33. I would rather Trump didn’t concern himself with things like ratings of a show he used to premier in but Arnie was a likable but poor governor of California and the last thing we would need is an illegal President. Now that would be priceless but inappropriate.

  34. Arnold must have forgotten he got fired as the governor of the worst state in the union….why would we want to replace a compatent guy with an incompetent guy?

  35. Arnold is a foreigner so he’s not eligible to destroy the country like he did California.

  36. Bob Smith says:

    this guys been cucked so badly by the kennedys

  37. Arnold needs to start looking for a job because HE SUCKS on the apprentice. Arnold, you’re TERMINATED. May be you could get a job with Trump though. While he’s flying around in AF1, you could wash and wax the Trump planes and limos.

  38. Carl Edward says:

    So many people who didn’t mind Obama’s deal giving Iran the path to build a nuclear bomb now have a problem with a President who thinks otherwise?

    Aren’t they supposed to be the champions of nuclear non-proliferation?

  39. Bob Suyak says:

    Arnolds’ performance as CA gov = epic fail, only things he ran good his mouth, like Obama.

  40. Why would we do that considering that you have failed at both jobs.

  41. Andy Rem says:

    No thanks Arnold! We don’t need no stinkin RINO!

  42. gwsjr425 says:

    No thanks Arnold, I’m not comfortable with a POTUS that doesn’t know he’s ineligible to be POTUS

  43. sanddab says:

    Arnold lost me when he pardoned the murderer for his bud.

  44. Darrey Dudey says:

    arnold is a girly boy sell out

  45. So let me get this straight. So now you want to do for the country what you did for California?
    No thanks!! Stick with promoting video games, that’s more your speed now.

  46. Jane Mayor says:

    Seems like the American people are already sleeping pretty well watching Arnold’s show.

  47. Joe Quarino says:

    Really Arnold?? Thin skinned much?? Liberals just cant take a joke can they.

  48. David Keller says:

    Good PR for your show. But hell no!

  49. RT Mtn says:

    deport Arnold back to Austria.

  50. Arnold, You did a great job in California didn’t you and why would I want ISIS to sleep comfortably?

  51. James Curry says:

    Finally, Americans have real hope and not the lies Obama was shoving down our throats.

  52. doctorfixit says:

    OMG I can’t imagine Ahnuld, he’s be bending over for Schumer and Pelosi 24-7.

  53. Certified loser is second export industry in California, after wine.

  54. No thanks, Musclehead. Been sleeping GREAT since Trump got in. Arnold, try burping and pacifiers for you liberal babies throwing their toys.

  55. Lisa Askwit says:

    Good Lord, I would NOT Sleep Better if “The Terminator” was President! He certainly didn’t make Californication any Better! If he can’t make even a State Better, how does he Expect to make an Entire Country Better?!

  56. Arnold made CA a disaster – got him this new gig and is ruining the state.

  57. Bill Sly says:

    Note to Arnold: You weren’t born in the United States, you cannot possibly be president. But you know that already. I’m not even mentioning your political record!

  58. Fred Flint says:

    If we need a girlie man we’ll call

  59. what’s the matter Arnie? Mad because he is going to deport all your mistresses?

  60. Brian Osburn says:

    This is epic stuff! Trump and Arnold are trolling each other! 😀 Bwaaaahahahahahahaha!

  61. Bokshil Kim says:

    Arnold your not a natural born citizen of the USA. Obama wasn’t either you say.

  62. Harvey Davis says:

    Arnold forgets that Trump is still the executive producer or The Apprentice and can FIRE him.

    1. Sam Dennis says:

      No he can’t! ….Trump is EP in name only … he has nothing to do with the show’s production.

  63. Be quiet Arnold, you are paid to dance and sing, Trump on the other hand made his billions first then became a T.V. personality. With out Hollywood Arnold you would still be flipping burger when you were not at the gym.

  64. Pete Wagner says:

    Haven’t slept this well in decades, myself. What about you, Arnold?

  65. Ted Long says:

    Arnold can’t do any worse than this incompetent clown.

  66. I put Arnold in the same POS category as Chris Christie. Arnold jumped the shark after Pumping Iron.

  67. Fred Stevens says:

    Living proof that steroid use causes brain damage.

  68. Brian Punter says:

    We want to make America great again not terminate her from bad governing!

  69. Jim Smith says:

    Arnold was brainwashed by the left. He talked big with the girly talk, but then met with Buffet and Rothschild and became a whimp.

  70. Bob Lee says:

    So why does this fool think he’s a republican?

  71. Chuck Costin says:

    The roids have taken over his pee brain. He did so great in Kalifornia.

  72. snailmailtrucker says:

    Sorry Arnold…The Ringling Bros. Barnum Bailey Circus is closing Down…
    Looks like you’ll need to look elsewhere for someone needing your Qualifications !

  73. god I hope California secedes….PLEASE!!!!!!!

  74. Would someone remind the imbecile weightlifter that being born in Austria disqualified him for the Presidency. Go back to “I pick things up and poot them down”.

  75. Shiv Devi says:

    I would rather my cat fluffy had the football right now, so Arnold is like George Washington, compared to the empty headed Steve Bannon puppet we have now! Thanks all you blue collar heros in the rust belt! Enjoy the outcome!

    1. PT Parks says:

      Awww, you poor little snow flake. Whine much?? Tell you what, how about you and Fluffy come over and we’ll make a football out of your cat. You can be the goal post.

  76. David Gouge says:

    Arnold To Trump: Let’s Switch Jobs So Nation Can “Sleep Comfortably”

    Could be Arnold just wants to find an ugly female housekeeper in D.C. to sire another child with.

  77. I like Arnold Ok, but comedy is not his strong suit.

  78. jeffmartin254 says: are the one who slept well during your Governor’s gig. The maid you were sctupping could have done better you meathead!

  79. taptap77 says:

    Arnold, if you want to be president then run. Obviously you better stick to acting though.
    You have failed as governor and running the Apprentice.

  80. If anyone ever doubted what a complete psycho FREAK Schwarzenegger is just watch the movie “Pumping Iron”. He talks about how he “….literally…” uh….climaxes…. when he is flexing in front of a mirror.

    Sick phuck has been B-grade actor should fade away.

  81. GTH Arnold, I am sure Maria agrees with me, your a joke and a fraud

  82. Arnold Just keep your mouth shut! Have you become a communist Democrat now.

  83. Loser! He did nothing for California except take advantage of the help.

  84. Floyd Martin says:

    Worst Governor of the Worst state in the Union!
    No thanks Arnold Go back to you video games and the APP Store!

  85. ‘Arnold To Trump: Let’s Switch Jobs So Nation Can “Sleep Comfortably”’ and make America Miserable Again and vote you out like they did in Californication so you can go into oblivian like Dashle, Gore, Gephardt, Gary Hart, Dean, etc.

  86. highondeath says:

    We could all sleep comfortably, while Arnold knocks up a White House maid in the presidential quarters.

    Comfortably, since Arnold did such a bang-up job in California. What were your acheivements again, Arnold? Illegitimate kid aside…

  87. Chicky Dee says:

    What? Knowing we would have another Obama like idiot in the White House, Arnold. Just stick to acting as an un-intelligent robot in the movies. It suits you.

  88. Alan Whitney says:

    Aahnold… You’ve been an “Also ran” ever since you let Maria p***y whip you into submission.

  89. Shut up Arnold, the last thing we need is a european born closet socialist. BTW I sleep just fine.

  90. While I greatly admire Mr. Schwarzenegger and his contribution and devotion to fitness (I see him occasionally at various workout venues in L.A./Santa Monica) there’s one thing I do not admire. His political sense. He was a lousy governor. God Bless him for trying but, he did not stand for anything other than status quo.

  91. I sleep great! 5 Min of the New Apprentice and I’m out like a light.

  92. “Let’s Switch Jobs So Nation Can “Sleep Comfortably”” I’ve slept like a baby since Jan. 20th. Better than I have for at least 8 years.

  93. Operative word here is “sleep”. As wiki leaks revealed in the Podesta emails, they love an unaware citizenry.

  94. Dan Delgado says:

    It’s sad when the effects of too much steroid use kicks in.

  95. No thanks Arnold. We just came off 8 years of an incompetent foreigner ruining the country. We don’t need any more foreign “help”, thank you. I sleep just fine.

  96. “President Trump is still an Executive Producer of the show.”

    President Trump might just have to FIRE Arnold if he can’t get his act together and do the job. : /

  97. Carol Rogers says:

    No I don’t think so you are a very dishonest man worse then Trump could ever be in fact you may me puke.

  98. Like Obama, Arnold is not a natural born citizen and is not eligible for the Presidency. So he will have to run as a Democrat if he aspires to the highest office.

  99. Would you promise not to SLEEP with the White House maids?

  100. joechute says:

    Best sleep in 8 years

  101. This fool is joking I hope, because I wouldn’t sleep too well have a roided up philanderer who forces himself on his non English speaking housekeepers.

  102. Joe Schmoes says:

    Arnold did such a fine job in California. that now he wants to have the rest of the country be just like Mexifornia. You want the job of president, Arnold? First, try reading that pesky constitution of ours.
    Oops. You are not native born.

  103. David Moore says:

    Forget it it Aahnold! While Bubbah couldn’t keep his talleywhacker out of the mouths of interns, we are certain you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off of the White House help…

  104. Dio Heerai says:

    No thanks …the maids at the white house want no part of you

  105. Says a guy who who set CA back decades and can’t even deliver lines in a mindless action movie. Go back to Austria puke.

  106. Mr Eurotrash should GO HOME! Nobody asked him to come here, but since he’s here he either accepts our Constitution, and our PRESIDENT (as the rest of us had to endure that filthy left-wing rat, Obama for eight years) or he can go back to socialist Europe from when he came.

  107. What a traitor and a disappointment. I’m sure Trump is banging a hotter maid.

  108. No thanks Arnold. We saw what you did to our state of California, after you lied to us to get you to vote Gray Davis out (which was fine, because he was a real creep) and you in. You are a weak weasel and Trump has your number. Oh, and what you did to your wife shoving an illegitimate kid into her face was disgusting. Go away.

  109. Kirk Wayland says:

    Sorry Arnold, but you were a horrible governor, a blatant RINO. I sleep just fine with Trump rather than you

  110. freewillnc says:

    i’ve never slept so good. i had insomnia for 8 years under Obama. For once i feel like our country will be protected. a great feeling.

  111. Argos Wolf says:

    This guy… didn’t Arnold went against mexicans when he was Governor?… he also cheated on his wife… with a mexican woman!… the hollyweirdos are wackos for sure.

  112. Linda Ruth says:

    Well what did this idiot expect, he slammed Trump on the executive order without having read the thing so Trump punches back, when are these fools going to figure this out? We all knew he was a counter puncher it’s not like every time he does it we should act shocked we can’t claim this is some new revelation he even told us this is how he is. So he’s not going to let people walk on him he’s not going to run to the media behind the scenes and threaten them like Obama or pass some directive to the press he’s just going to punch back. People act like this is the first president to ever display this trait it’s not Andrew Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt did the same.

  113. Tom Zahay says:

    All the Arnold did was warm the seat for Gov. Moonbeam.

  114. LOL is AHNOLD serious? Look at the mess California is in now!

    Americans have spoken! We want our jobs and country back! Our healthcare is too expensive. Mine is $600/month now (AND RISING!). My car insurance is still $25 per month (from InsurencePanda), but who knows when our increasingly socialist government will come in and muddle that up? Things are getting more and more expensive as it is. Can we really afford to support the world’s homeless?

    To all the brokenhearted liberals, suck it up!…..We live in a Democracy. Let’s give this guy a chance and hope for the best. Stop over reacting already

  115. Isn’t this the uneducated married body builder who impregnated his Mexican housekeeper and groped women at work while governor of California?

  116. John Nelson says:

    Says the cob who was bonking his Mexican housekeeper.
    What a putz.

  117. Gil Zendejas says:

    stick to your stupid game commercials..

  118. Gene German says:

    And get your teeth fixed too.

  119. Mike DeYoung says:

    I wonder how happy Arnold would be if he were trying to become a citizen today and watched as hundreds of thousands who came after him, illegally, were pushed to the head of the line while he was made to wait. Because he did it legally he thinks he can speak about ILLEGAL immigration.

    Also, Arnold you cannot be president, even by trading for it; you are not a natural-born citizen. I know you wanted to run for president once but I guess you figure this is the only way it would ever happen.

    What is really sad about this? I think Arnold is serious that he thinks Trump would trade!!

  120. Arnold, Don’t you have a maid or housekeeper to go and impregnate?

  121. You’re not good enough Arnold.

  122. You are not a birth citizen, there Awnold.

  123. Arnold was elected in a recall election for an un-popular democrat. He promised to get California back on track and put an end to the waste and corruption.

    As soon as the left started a campaign that made him feel un-loved, he caved on everything.

    He was just as bad or worse than Gray Davis was. (I lived there)…

    So…obviously…he thinks it is more important to be loved, than to do what you said you would do….Hasta la vista…arnold.

  124. JW Driskill says:

    Didn’t vote for Trump because I thought he would do an Arnold if he won. My mistake.

  125. Thos Hagen says:

    Arnold was the queen of all of the girly-men.

  126. Joe Campbell says:

    After what Schwarzenegger did to California? No wonder the Apprentice ratings have collapsed.

  127. Jason Drew says:

    Arnold, America has had everything it wanted from you for 20 years now….

  128. Jason Drew says:


  129. Carl Murdock says:

    Arnold, stick to your combat video games. You were a total failure at Governor.

  130. Jack Lee says:

    I’m sleeping fine with Trump as President. Go Trump!

  131. Sorry need to be qualified to be POTUS. You suck and are a RINO!

  132. Go play with your action figures, AH-NALD. You helped turn the Golden State blue, so your relevance in public discourse with our Chief executive Trump is meaningless. I guess you needed some face time, since popularity is so fleeting.

  133. Fred Doe says:

    Arnold, if you had only been more like Trump, California wouldn’t be the leftist sewer it is today.

  134. Says the guy who does ads for Mobile Strike.

  135. La Jacks says:

    NO way in HELL do we want you. You already turned CALI into the CESSPOOL OF 5HIT.

  136. LOL. Every time Trump tells the truth he gets in trouble!

    That’s OK Ahhhnold. I’m finally sleeping better after 8 LONG years.

  137. Arnold was no help to California’s deficit problem. The entitlement programs Schwarzenegger allowed to continue have nearly BANKRUPTED the state of California. A man who cannot say “no” is not a man who should lead. Arnold can kiss off.åç

    1. I wonder what killer he would pardon after esteban nunez?

  138. The White House keepers wouldn’;t be safe, especially the looks challenged!

  139. Arnold was a BIG disappointment. He caved in to the Democrats – a big chicken. Once he faced opposition it was all over; he couldn’t stand the heat. No, Arnold. Stay away from politics. Besides, you are not qualified to be president, since you are not a “natural born citizen.”

  140. Donald is our president he was elected by all of us.

    Something is way wrong with some people in the US:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger messed up Cal and now he wants to mess up the whole country without an election. He is not elected what is he talking about.

    McCain wants wars all over, he was not elected president.

    Universities are getting torched just because someone wants to exercise the free speech that is so common in our country.

    The voters are so mad about all these because all these people want to overwrite our votes and no way we are going to go along with it. Our votes count YES COUNT !!!

  141. Schwarzenegger is a fascist who sincerely admires Hitler. He wants to be an outright fascist ruler himself. He dreams of being the top fascist ruler, like Hitler.

    He wants to have the whimsical power to execute anybody who displeases his “imperial majesty.”

    Meanwhile, he has the motivations and beliefs of a POS.

    You have to see through this fraud. It does not matter how many movies he was in, or if those movies entertained you at the moment.

    Look and see who he is really working for, and it is not God.

  142. No thanks mad Arnie. We have just got rid of one NWO Lying cheating muppet doing his best to start WW3 for his bankster owners and we don’t need another. You won’t be back.

  143. It might work if Arnold learns how to speak English.

  144. Tom Codd says:

    Doesn’t Arnold have a homely maid he needs to knock up?

  145. Mike Giles says:

    “Arnold” was an unqualified, & absolute disaster as California’s governor, and was led around by his petite wife to generate even more leftist BS upon the shoulders of the people of CA!!

  146. Lar Jam says:

    Another arm chair Hollywood fanatic with whining with his wife’s influence. Arnold you are part of the Swamp…Once your ratings fall you will be fired too. Leave Please!

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