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Can I have a show of hands of people who like their job?

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I see a couple in the back there.

On this side? Anyone really likes what they do?

So, National Signing Day is coming up. Wednesday, February 1 to be exact.

It’s typically regarded as one of the biggest days in high school/college football.

It is the day when high school football players – other sports too – sign their official letters of intent and send them to the college that they plan on attending.

Leading up to NSD, it is the job of the colleges and their coaches to pander; not only to the teenagers that they want to come to their school but also to the fans in an effort to get them excited about the upcoming season.

Which brings us to Lane Kiffin.

Kiffin was hired to become the new head football coach at Florida Atlantic University back in the early part of December.

The hire was definitely a big splash for the Boca Raton-based Owls. Kiffin, whose resume is littered with coaching destinations on the both the college and pro levels, represented FAU’s biggest named coach since the legendary Howard Schnellenberger led the program from 2001 to 2011.

Rewind to this past Friday and we find Coach Kiffin starring in a “hype video” released by FAU’s football media department in an effort to promote ticket sales by telling fans to get excited about what the upcoming recruiting class and fall season.

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I won’t say any more, let’s just go to the tape.

It looked like he threw up in his mouth at least two different times.

It’s like one of the horribly cheesy infomercials you see at three in the morning.

He looks like “Wild Thing” (aka Charlie Sheen) did when he was doing the commercial for Right Guard in Major League II.

It looks like he’s trying to blink “help me” is Morse code.

A day away from NSD, Florida Atlantic’s recruiting class No. 3 in Conference USA. It features former Florida State quarterback turned JUCO standout De’Andre Johnson as well as nine other 3-star rated athletes.

Not bad considering Kiffin and his staff had essentially one full month to try to put together the recruiting class.

But if this is the best that Kiffin can muster up as far as an enthusiastic sales pitch goes – those seats will look the same way they do in that video come the fall.

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What an exciting time, right Lane?