PLAYER: Nesta Silvera
SCHOOL: Plantation American Heritage
CLASS: 2018

SCOUTING: When we first saw him as a freshman at Cypress Bay, there was no mistaking that if he stays healthy, the path is clear to go as far as he wants. Silvera is a big, strong and very athletic football talent who has all those good things the college recruiters love to see. He is fast-emerging as one of the elite at the position statewide. His experience of going up against big-time linemen – in his own practices – has elevated him to a status where he is considered a major recruit. As he gets bigger and stronger, more and more interest continues to pour in. He has the opportunity to own the next four months, heading into spring – where a lot of eyes will be watching his every move. Silvera has made huge strides during this past state championship season – and figures to continue making them this year.