By Lauren Pastrana

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — On Monday, January 23rd, CBS4 News welcomed a new co-anchor to the morning show.

In honor of Eugene Ramirez’s first day on the job, today’s Lauren’s List is all about how to make a great first impression at your new place of work. has some great tips for really wowing your co-workers.

Of course, Eugene is already doing all of this and more, but here are some ways you can make sure your new boss knows they’ve made the right hire.

1) Arrive early and stay late- You don’t have to do this forever, but arriving early the first few days or weeks of a new job shows you’re excited about the position and have made appropriate plans to be there on time. And staying late shows you’re so engaged in what you’re doing that you don’t want to go home! There’s always something new to learn at a new job!

2) Ask for help- You may want to show that you can do it all right away, but that’s not necessary. Asking questions to make sure you’re doing things correctly shows you believe quality counts. This will also give your co-workers a boost because they will feel like their level of expertise is valuable. Win-win!

3) Take initiative- It’s normal to feel like you’re not really needed or know where you fit in when you start at a new job. The best way to snap out of that is to always be looking for something to do next. If you finish certain duties, don’t just hide at your desk waiting for the next task. Seek it out.

4) Get to know your company and co-workers- You do plenty of research about a company to prepare for your interview, but it shouldn’t stop there. Keep learning more about the company you work for and the people you work with. Be sure to chat with your coworkers about their lives and interests so you can connect on a more personal level. Of course, always maintain a professional demeanor.

How do you make a great first impression at a new job?

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