PLAYER: Mark Pope
SCHOOL: Miami Southridge
CLASS: 2018

SCOUTING: Long before his electrifying catch in the state championship game, Pope was a talented football prospect who has been making an impact since he was at the youth level. His speed, athleticism and skill are the things that college coaches have been looking at since the first day they watched him perform at the varsity level. Pope is easily up there with some of the nation’s top pass catchers for the Class of 2018 – as he’s yet another big-time football talent that has the chance to make a huge impact over the next year. He’ll be one of the elite receivers that everyone will be watching – and for good reason. Coaches who have had to go against him the past three years are well aware that this is one of those game-changers who is already at the head of the class. He was among our top players from the time he arrived on campus. Pope has been getting it done at a high level for a long time. Schools such as Alabama, Florida and Miami were in there from the beginning.