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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — A 19-year-old woman was behind bars after police said she faked her own abduction to get back at her boyfriend.

The false kidnapping report had police, family and the public searching for her for four days.

Samantha Martinez, 19, was booked into jail Tuesday.

Upset with her boyfriend, she ran off with the man to whom her boyfriend owed money to and made up a story about being kidnapped, investigators said.

“She conspired the whole story because of possible infidelity allegations, to get back at her boyfriend,” said Miami Police Ofc. Christopher Bass.

It started on Nov. 30, the last day she was seen.

After trying to contact her, her boyfriend received texts from her phone saying she had been kidnapped by the man he owed money to and needed to settle the debt or else.

The boyfriend called police — who eventually turned to the media and public for help.

“She told our investigators that, being that her boyfriend was possibly cheating on her, that she and her accomplice contacted her boyfriend via text message and phone call to get back at him, which led him to believe that she could very well indeed be in danger,” Ofc. Bass continued.

Within hours of the story airing, Martinez came forward and claimed to have been raped. Though, she refused to consent to an exam.

Police said she went on her own free will and had sex with the man trying to collect a debt — all as an act of revenge.

“This is very serious,” said Ofc. Bass. “We were very concerned about her safety yesterday. And thanks to the public for helping us out and thanks to her boyfriend for immediately contacting the Miami Police Department and contacting our detectives that she was, indeed, safe.”

Martinez was charged with one count of filing a false police report.

She bonded out of jail late Wednesday afternoon but was rearrested after assaulting several local news crews while walking in the parking lot.