By Eliott Rodriguez

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SANTIAGO DE CUBA (CBSMiami) – The Plaza of the Revolution in Santiago de Cuba was packed with tens of thousands of people on Saturday night who gathered to say a final goodbye to Fidel Castro.

This was the time for them to bid farewell to the revolutionary leader they had supported for many years.

The so-called Caravan of Liberty, which carried the ashes of Fidel Castro across the island of Cuba, left Havana on Wednesday and arrived in Santiago de Cuba on Saturday.

Santiago de Cuba is the birthplace of Castro’s revolution, starting in 1953 with an attack on a local army barrack.

Castro took power in 1959 and held on to it before turning it over to his brother Raul in 2006.

Raul Castro has said he will serve as president until 2018.

While he has allowed limited economic reform, there is no sign that the government will allow political changes.

Government sympathizers brought Cuban flags, held signs showing their support for Fidel Castro and chanted ‘I am Fidel’ throughout the night.

Eliott Rodriguez