PLAYER: Hansky Paillant
SCHOOL: Hollywood McArthur
CLASS: 2018

SCOUTING: There are athletes in South Florida that you see once or twice and they are the ones who are always around the ball and making plays. Football players, regardless of height or weight, that will show up to play every game. The kids of talent that will do all the right things – whether it’s on the practice field or during the fourth quarter of a close game. Paillant is a talent that has risen because of his ability to makes plays. From the defensive side of the ball, he will end up in the backfield disrupting your offense. He is quick, strong and will fill out as he continues to mature. Just a junior, his recruiting clock is ticking – and colleges across the country will hear it loud and clear. Paillant is one of the best on a team loaded with impressive football players. This offseason will be very important for him as he will get the chance to attend a number of events, drawing more attention from scouts and coaches.