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NEW YORK (CBSMiami/AP) — Demonstrators took to the streets across the country to express their outrage over Donald Trump’s unexpected presidential win, while supporters took to social media and denounced demonstrators as hypocrites or worse for not accepting defeat in a democratic process.

High-spirited high school students marched through San Francisco’s downtown, chanting “not my president” and holding signs urging a Donald Trump eviction. They waved rainbow banners and Mexican flags, as bystanders in the heavily Democratic city high-fived the marchers from the sidelines.

“As a white, queer person, we need unity with people of color, we need to stand up,” said Claire Bye, a 15-year-old sophomore at Academy High School. “I’m fighting for my rights as an LGBTQ person. I’m fighting for the rights of brown people, black people, Muslim people.”

In New York City, about a hundred protesters gathered at Union Square in Manhattan to protest a Trump presidency. They held signs that read “Divided States of America” and “Not My President” and “Let the New Generation Speak!!”

At a subway station along 14th Street, New Yorkers expressed their thoughts — “Time to Fight Back” and “Keep the Faith! Our work is just beginning!” — along the walls of a walkway using sticky notes.

On Twitter, Trump supporters accused protesters of not respecting the process because it didn’t work out in their favor.

“You’re literally protesting against free democratic elections. Go live in North Korea, you absolute trash,” one said. “They’re not protesting Trump, they’re protesting democracy and the right to disagree with them. Isn’t that fascism,” said another.

Thousands demonstrated Wednesday around the country, from New England to Kansas City to the West Coast. Flames lit up the night sky in California cities as protesters burned a giant papier-mache Trump head in Los Angeles and started fires in Oakland intersections.

In Chicago, where thousands had recently poured into the streets to celebrate the Chicago Cubs’ first World Series victory in over a century, several thousand people marched through the Loop. They gathered outside Trump Tower, chanting “Not my president!”

Since Tuesday night, protesters have marched in the Midwest, including St. Paul, Minnesota, Omaha, Nebraska, and Kansas City, Missouri. Marchers protesting Trump’s election chanted and carried signs in front of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

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Comments (212)
  1. Cigar Tube says:

    Al I keep laughing about is all the money Geo9rge Soreass spent to lose yet another one. And what about all that Wall Street and big banking graft paid out to Hillsie??? Brahahahahahaaha I guess your service charges are going to go up!!! Brahahahahahahaha

    1. God bless America! To quote Michelle Obama….”Hope is making a comeback!”
      I wonder how many of those protesters had to be on the job this morning?

    2. Right on cue. They’re the best lawless anarchists money can buy.

      1. Carol Boehm says:

        These stupid children have no idea that Trump is their only hope for a brighter tomorrow! They have been brainwashed by the progressives. Trump does not want to forever ban immigrants, he just wants to shut the doors until we figure out what in the Hell we have in this country as there are many from ISIS living at our feet. Do these fools want to continue to have their clubs shot up? Let us clean this country up from the decay that is going on inside then we can properly allow more immigrants in the way our forefathers intended. If you want lawlessness, then move to Iran!

    3. Their Arkansas “white trash” candidate lost but they continue to spread their slim trail.

  2. Tom Mccoy says:

    The girl on the left is wearing an NPR shirt.
    Why am I not surprised.

    1. Steve Riley says:

      NPR did a story yesterday, where they interviewed 6th graders from Berkeley middle school. That way, they could let the brainwashed kids say whatever they want about Trump and NPR could claim independence. As expected, the kids said things like, “I’m really scared because Trump is such a so-and-so”

      1. Maybe they were hoping to encourage anxieties among young girls toward conservative ideology. It worked well on the college snowflakes.

  3. Nobody cares about or believes these astroturf protests. Get lost, losers. Better yet, go play in traffic.

  4. Jeff Laitila says:

    You had your chance to speak.

    At the voting booth.

    Just like everyone else.

  5. Gino Schafer says:

    Manufactured protests by the DNC and George Beelzebub Soros. Guess what? No one cares. Get over it. You lost.

  6. What these children should all do is go home look in the mirror and say: I helped elect Donald Trump.

    1. “Everyone must submit to governing authorities; for all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished.” Romans 13:1-2

      1. “governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

        – Declaration of Independence

  7. Now we all realize why it’s important to keep score at little Timmie’s and little Brittney’s soccer games. They would be able to cope with what it is to lose.

  8. Liberalism has created a generation of whiny crybabies. Safe places, therapy dolls, etc. lol

  9. Londo Molari says:

    Does this entitled generation have a name. They look like a bunch of cuckoo hatchings screaming for somebody to put food in their mouths.

    1. I think officially they are Generation Z, but I call them Generation Snowflake.

  10. Jason Watson says:

    Just leftists doing their thing nothing to see here. Certainly no one worth caring about.

  11. These 14-34 year olds have been educated in the liberal mantra of liberalism and anti-God leftist schools! This is what they were taught!

    Get a life anti-morals and solid values opponents!

  12. Where do these losers get their information. Trump is NOT against LGBT or any race of people. He’s against criminals. And so am I.

  13. People in Hell want ice water………..guess what little snowflakes? the likely hood of your “protests” amounting to a hill of beans has about the same chance

  14. Larry Smith says:

    So what, these are the same people who protest cop involved shooting, wallstreet, the environment…they are professional protestors that organize these temper tantrums and all being paid for by SOROS! Can’t wait until doj, irs, and fec start going after him.

  15. Their just burning off the last of their Soros bucks with these manufactured protests. The hammer is coming down soon. Law and order will have new meaning in Jan. And its going to be glorious.

  16. Hershey Tri says:

    Hmmm … Why didn’t these fools protest when the DNC was rigging the Democrat’s primaries?

  17. Give them each a participation ribbon and a cookie.

  18. Bob Smith says:

    Go back to your parents basement.

  19. John Osborn says:

    “unexpected presidential win”?? Only if you had your head in the sand or never went to the Drudge Report.

  20. these kids coming out of college are not prepared for the real can cry whine and stamp your feet but do that in a job after college because you didnt get your way and you will be fired

  21. Dan Savage says:

    I think they are just mad because they did not get their participation trophy.

  22. these people represent the very worse in our society. The are protesting the democratic process….they are NOT americans…they are sick liberal freaks: Hillary supporters.

  23. Tuco Ortega says:

    This week alone Trump has worked harder than Obama in 8 years!

  24. George Gray says:

    I love the head line of this piece on the drudge page. “The Losers” Hello losers, if you live in the United States of America then yes he is your president. If you can’t handle the truth I suggest you move to a different country.

  25. Scott Book says:

    The United States is NOT a democracy. It’s a Republic. If people started electing politicians who would return the rights back to the States, each State could create their own laws that are more representative of the localized population. But people keep electing politicians that want Federal Power increased so “majority rule” laws are pushed upon everyone.

    Well, guess what. Obama and Trump are what happens when you vote power hungry politicians into power who side-step the Constitution. Read the 10th Amendment.

  26. Hey Protesters. The election is over. You already helped secure a win for Trump. You can go back to your basements. Your work is done.

  27. If you can protest you can work. Cut off their welfare, they won’t have time to protest.

  28. Waaaaah! We lost a fair election! Waaaaah!

  29. Did they for get Obama saying “You Lost, We Won”?.. Crybabies..

  30. Alan Robbins says:

    In Austin, TX real journalists got pictures of the fleet of busses bringing the “protesters” in.

    That’s what real journalists do, go after the facts….

  31. Tuco Ortega says:

    About this “lead” that Hillary has in the popular vote: Trump is going to end this at about 300 or so Electoral Votes, Hillary at about 230. Now, since each electoral vote corresponds to a congressional district, and thus represents an equal number of people, give or take, there should be little discrepancy between electoral votes and popular votes. When it does happen, the electoral votes tend to be close, like Bush vs Gore. I mean, population changes in congressional districts throughout time, births, deaths, etc. That’s why they have to be redrawn every 10 years. But no one can explain to me how Donald can wallop her by over 70 electoral votes, and she still has a “200,000 vote lead” in the popular vote count. It’s nearly impossible. A mathematical impossibility. Or is it? Maybe, her people have been stuffing the ballot boxes? Getting illegals to vote? This would explain it. The only problem is, poor Hillary and her people did this in the wrong states. Not the states she expected to win, like Michigan, and Wisconsin. This is my theory for this discrepancy. And I’m sticking to it.

  32. They waved Mexican flags and LBGT flags…but not one American flag in the whole debacle. Nuff said!

  33. It’s not all their fault, they learn their ‘ideas’ from their loonie-left teachers and professors. The change has to be made in the schools, starting in kindergarten.

  34. If I had the money to buy everyone of these fools a one way ticket to Afghanistan.

  35. timefortrump says:

    Ok so my comments keep getting moderated – if you are interested do a google search on Walter Abbott who was put through h3ll for 4 years by then-Governor Martin O’Malley for an email that he sent the governor threatening to wring his neck if he ever got close enough. Yes you read that right – that is not even close to calling for his assassination like we are seeing from the sore loser snowflake brigade

  36. Dave Neff says:

    High School students don’t know squat, nor are they of legal age to vote. Them having a problem with Trump as President? Child! You have not lived long enough to know what is best for You. When O’Stalin took the Presidency, did you see Middle America rush to the streets to engage in Violent Protests? Were Blacks being attacked by mobs of Whites in the Inner Cities?
    No! Responsible Adults don’t that kind of Stupid!
    Do you Children remember what life was like before Obama? That’s right, you were only 6 or 7 years old.
    Word of advice; Grow up and start thinking for yourself, most of your teachers have a Communist Control Freak Agenda.

  37. I thought Trump supporters were violent, no?

  38. You lost, big league.

    Quitchyer whinin’ and get jobs now that Obamanomics is swirling down the sewer from whence it came.

  39. devindenv says:

    “Opponents call them hypocrites”…. And, you fools in the media cover these “temper tantrums” with kid gloves compared to the “protests” of the Tea Party back in 2010 – wherein your charges of “racism” , “astro-turfing” and all manner of other aspersions was wholly unwarranted. But, these “protests” in which some have turned violent are treated by the media as “acceptable”. And you really wonder how Trump was able to use the media against itself?????

  40. These weepy snowflakes need a holiday in Cambodia.

  41. Kerwin Hieb says:

    Nobody likes sore losers… It’s as simple as that.

  42. The same people who went apoplectic when Trump was non-committal on accepting the results of the election… the irony…

    “That is dangerous. Because when you try to sow the seeds of doubt in people’s minds about the legitimacy of the elections, that undermines our democracy. Then you’re doing the work of our adversaries for them,” — President Obama

  43. Mark Mach says:

    Too bad these people don’t have jobs to go to. Why aren’t these children in school? Acting like Marxists while they claim to be against it

  44. TK Stoke says:

    When Trump says we need to drain the swamp, it is from the 1st grade teachers to the DOJ and DOD. These kids have been brainwashed.

  45. Mark Mach says:

    Mommie called. She wants her credit card back.

  46. Jim Olson says:

    When you quit keeping score and hand out participation trophies to everyone so there are no losers, this is the kind of reaction I expect to see from people who do not know what it’s like to lose. Great job liberals. Keep everyone sheltered and child-like.

  47. I’m guessing that less than 5% of these protesters actually voted.

  48. Democrats and media behind all this, they can’t accept the defeat, I wonder who finance this riots?

  49. Steve Galla says:

    LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. It’s freaking “Lord of the Flies” being played out before our eyes.

  51. in order to know the enemy you have to be able to name what it is…. in this case you should say whiny self absorbed fantasy wishing life dodging leftist trouble making bought and paid for losers.

  52. Don Graves says:

    All students and snowflake liberals; feel free to leave with the rest of your illegal friends.

  53. Liberal women always seem hysterical, ignorant and heavy. Why is that?

  54. Robert Zola says:

    Lots of snow flakes out in Miami! Go back to your safe spaces losers!

  55. Would like to say “thank you” to these protesters…for helping us elect Donald Trump as the next President of the United States of America. You are a fine object lesson in explaining why we Americans did what had to be done to change course in our great country before the anti-American element completely destroyed all that we have worked so hard to build (yes, we actually work). And just an FYI, I’m a college educated (double major, two degrees) white female. Now in the words of our next POTUS…YOU’RE FIRED!!!!…

  56. Perhaps we should hand out “participant” ribbons after the next election.

  57. Barton Snell says:

    “and there came to pass in that day throughout the land, a loud wailing and gnashing of teeth as all the precious l’il snowflakes slowly began melting.”

    1. … and the residue of their seething vitriol began to become evident and the world was exposed to their poisonous core.

  58. Andy Howe says:

    Not my president? Is it really that easy? Could I have somehow avoided these last eight years by making that statement after the 2008 election? Someone should have told me sooner.

    The last time I heard such a statement was when Reagan was shot and one of my co-workers (black) said “sorry your president got shot” with a big smile on her face.

  59. Steve Riley says:

    Not your President. Not your country. GTFO.

  60. JVossos says:

    Please don’t send your losers to Canada. We are filled right up with moon bats … no vacancy. Have you seen the utter fool Canada elected to lead? The lazy, selfie driven son of a socialist prime minister. The one who changed Canada from a place with US values to a place with European values and it’s kept most of us rather poor. Our version of Obama care has been failing for 30 years but no one will admit it.

  61. Barton Snell says:

    Haven’t seen so many gaping maw’s since the last suckfest.

  62. Why haven’t these people reported to the re-education camps yet? Don’t make us come looking for you.

  63. Chris Guy says:

    “not your president” We know Hillary lost, she is not your president. We can follow the very simple logic.

  64. I know that whenever I wish to seek out wisdom, truth and deep analysis, the first thing I think of is “High School Student”.

    Keep it up Dems/Media – Your plane has flamed out and you’re complaining about the seat cushion design.

  65. David Brower says:



  66. No one else sees the irony in illegal aliens carrying “Not my President” signs?

  67. Why are there only white people shown protesting?

    No blacks, no hispanics!

    You’d think George Soros could organize a diverse crowd for the photo-op.

  68. (1) These are not spontaneous protests
    (2) Democracy is a two way street. you win some, you loose some.
    (3) Rule by crowds is anarchy. (French revolution) A riot is not a democracy.
    (4) Maybe Trump isn’t a troglodyte. Maybe he is shrewder and smarter than Hillary.
    (5) The Cubs won the World Series. Once Hell freezes over, you never know what will happen. :-).

  69. The PEOPLE have spoken. Republicans control the HoR and Senate, as for Governors, there are 31 Republicans, 18 Democrats and 1 indy. The days of fascism that you see in the streets being pulled off by so called democrats is over. The Dems have lost all power.

  70. —-They waved rainbow banners and Mexican flags

    If Mexico is so great, why do Mexicans here in the US fight tooth and nail to not be sent back?

    “Mexico is great, just don’t make me live there! Please! I won’t go back!”

  71. magicbus224 says:

    spoiled brats that didnt get their way…this is one reason america woke up and voted trump..and where is president obama putting an end to this kind of behavior

  72. Puppets of George Soro’s They are being manipulated without them knowing it.

  73. “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” – President Obama to House Republican Whip Eric Cantor, January 23, 2009.

  74. LGBTQ! The list has grown over the years. Keep adding letters and they can add some entertainment by reciting them in a singsong manner. In fact, perhaps they should just recite the alphabet, backwards for emphasis.

    1. Time will tell if we were quick enough to stop them from adding the ‘B’estiality and ‘C’hild ‘P’reditor letters. Although, I guess the ‘Q’ is in preparation for that step.

  75. Why are all the comments about this left wing story made by Trump supporters?
    Don’t the left-wingers want to say something here? Do they still read? or do they just listen to CNN and NBC in blind lock step? Trump won. She Lost. Get over it.

    1. Alan Robbins says:

      All the paid trolls have been laid off. Look at any story, anywhere, on any site they are all gone, queuing up for welfare no doubt.

  76. Jim Trott says:

    This is what liberalism gets you. The generation of entitlement–who have paid nothing! Thinking the have a right to free education, or everyone gets a trophy. Since everyone gets a trophy this generation has never been told you LOST. Everyone is a winner in some respect. Well welcome to the real world. Their are winners and losers. If this is their first lesson in that it is a shame. But the brainwashing in the schools also lead all the “losers” to believe in Hillary and disregard a horrible past of no accomplishments and just feeding on the “entitled.” Seems as if those who pay for those entitlements have said enough is enough.

  77. George Smith says:

    My question is, what do they think they are going to accomplish with this? Trump is president, it’s over. Nothing is going to change that. Protests are going to turn back time.

  78. A great man arises from the people, to lead them from the swamp in the wilderness!
    Long Live The Constitution!

  79. Trump will also be the adult in the room when comes to the climate scam and he may even open the libs beloved ANWR to oil drilling. Losing sucks, doesn’t it libs?

  80. What a bunch of whiners. It seems that the pussification of America is almost complete. The babies need to get a job. (If they are employable)

  81. I can commiserate with ‘Not My President’ protesters. I haven’t had a president for 8 years! Difference is… I dealt with my disappointment like an ADULT, not like a CHILD, like these whiners are doing!

  82. Doug Day says:

    Leftwingers are intolerant totalitarians, and, for the moment, losers.

  83. I just want to hear Trump say, “Obama, you’re fired!”

  84. Obama’s legacy, narcissistic rioting urban mobs who have no respect for the law, private property, elections, or the rights of their fellow citizens.

  85. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Rick Saphire says:

    In their spare time I wish these young protesters would riot against the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series!

  87. junglecogs says:

    ‘Losers’ is the perfect name for them.

  88. It’s interesting. Since the French Revolution, the left has been on that most quixotic of all quests: The quest for a revolution from the bottom up. Now that the left finally has their revolution from the bottom up, they are horrified.

  89. They are violently protesting a free and fair election. They just didn’t win, that’s all. These crybaby losers HATE AMERICA. That’s the real truth that needs telling.

  90. Leonard Wood says:

    Stupid is….

    Just makes me laugh..

  91. Smith Kellee says:

    I blame the parents…everyone had to get a trophy!!! Now these kids have no coping skill!
    Ironically, LOVE TRUMPS HATE ….until you disagree -then they resort to bullying, and incite violence – or threaten to kill you!

    Go to your room!!

  92. If it looks like an idiot, talks like an idiot and acts like an idiot it is indeed an idiot. Many of them provided by our educational systems, illegal immigrants and MSM

  93. Vee Kay says:

    Interesting how the media loves to show the “crowds” protesting Trump, but would NEVER turn the cameras around to show the crowds at the TRUMP rallies! The media is again showing how USELESS they are!

  94. Bruce Allan says:

    Let’s just say that women who admire Hillary are not the kind of women that good men should marry….

    Hence, Hillary has Bill

  95. Tree Fidy says:

    Don’t get too close to that bonfire, snowflakes.

  96. CBS reporter gets it wrong: It’s NOT a democratic process, it’s a republican process. This is NOT a democracy, it’s a republic. God, these reporters sre as ignorant as their demonstrator/rioters. This is not mob-rule.

  97. Robert Blum says:

    How misguided can an American protestor on U S soil be to proudly raise the flag of Mexico ?

  98. I skimmed through the comments and agree with, and admire, almost all of them. The Precious-Snowflake over-aged children are throwing tantrums because they didn’t get their own way. WAAAAA! I hope Trump, first thing, initiates an investigation into the traitorous, Satanic George Soros and family’s finances and activities. Turn over the rock and expose all the creepy-crawlies.

  99. The hilarious thing about these snowflakes. They graduate HS think they know everything, then go to College for 4 years and are indoctrinated by tenured Marxist professors and come out more arrogant and know even less.

  100. Mark Wright says:

    First….LET THEM PROTEST AND BURN DOWN THEIR OWN COMMUNITIES….just as long as I don’t have to pay for the recovery in these liberal cities they can burn all of them as far as I am concerned. They lost so get over it.

    Second….why are they really protesting? It is because they have been lied too BY THEIR OWN SIDE! The entire narrative of this election has been misleading by the main stream media and their pollsters…their attempt to elect Hillary by falsely claiming she would win in a landslide and Trump would be crushed actually was counter productive to their turnout efforts.

    10 million less Democrat voters turned out and was their ultimate demise. That is a THEM problem not a Trump or Republican problem. And the constant protesting about how bad things ARE going to be while you commit crimes and violence nullifies the entire message and efforts.

  101. Albert Lebo says:

    For 8 years liberals demanded that I accept anti-American Obozo as “my President”. Your turn children.

  102. John Niceman says:

    These ladies are very upset because they will no longer get free contraceptives!!!

  103. Taluca Lake says:

    Most of us on the right want to take the high road. But these clowns (who can’t even spell hypocrite let alone know what it means) make me want to gloat. Sorry, kiddies, but as your hero – the man who single-handedly wrecked America – is done. Back to your homework




  105. They want to riot and are rioting so it’s time to treat them like rioters. Nothing water cannons and 9mm’s can’t cure 😉

  106. Barry Hirsh says:

    What is happening now reveals that much of Trump’s opposition is peopled by criminals. Nobody knew they were criminals before, but they now show their colors.

    Such people should have NO VOICE in this country, AT ALL.

  107. But of course Trump is not your President. Your President is Enrique Peña Nieto. What are you doing in my country, muchachos?

  108. Unexpected? Only by all the liberal “experts”

  109. Karen Mink says:

    I hear they are pushing the popular vote. Can’t wait to see the dead people, illegals, felons, and duplicate votes for Hellary.It will be shown that she didn’t win that either.

  110. boltuprite says:

    What a bunch of spoiled, petulant children with bizarre persecution fantasies.

  111. Sharp Shtik says:

    Anti-American socialists and communists (Democrats) hate the individual rights of others, which is why Democrats commit nearly all crime and run government like organized criminals. There is no place in America for Democrats.

  112. Identity politics at its worst; a gathering of the tribes.

  113. Neil Walsh says:

    Just taking a break from cleaning their apartments in mom’s basement.

  114. steamboatwz says:

    Losers is right ! What’s with liberals ? Don’t remember riots and violence when Obummer was elected, or anyone threatening to leave the country. We are a representative republic… get a clue or go back to your Mommy’s basement !

  115. Al Hmiel says:

    All those who protest in the streets are all flush-able non contributors who mean nothing to America. No protester misses any work and is not missed anywhere. Clean them all out and remove them protesters from all of society.

  116. Well, you need fruits and nuts in your diet I guess. Time for your binky.

  117. John Schmidt says:

    Guess most of these demonstrators don’t remember 2008 when the left accused the right of not supporting Obama’s presidency. However, the right didn’t right and didn’t call for a change in the electoral voting to putting the opposition. So the left proves once again their hypocrisy and their lack of understanding of the history of electing a president.

  118. These lazy slacker, cry baby sore losers, are too dumb to realize that Trump’s ‘America Great Again’ benefits them greatly. Any threats on any social media, should be met with a hard knock by the FBI; when Trump swears in, this silliness will no longer be tolerated.

    These student have been brainwashed by their professors who are ripping them off with their high undeserved salaries, not to mention Crooked Hillary and FraudBama, with their bald-face lies about who Trump really is, they have become Zombie Flakes

  119. I love the sore losers, every time I see one of them crying I laugh out loud hahahahahahahah

  120. How much money has Mark Cuban lost as the result of the Trump win?
    These protesters are sad. I guess they don’t know what they don’t know.
    People need to be kind and nice to each other.

  121. Myyne Gaime says:

    Basically.. these people were so confident that their candidate would win, the failed to protest before the election, and also didn’t think they needed to vote. Now they want a trophy on top of it all for losing. Here’s an idea, pack your bag and head south.. To Mexico. Good luck staying, they have an immigration policy that is one of the toughest in the world. Idiots.

  122. Gary Markman says:

    The nature and scope of many of the anti-Trump responses is a stark, sad reflection of the status of our education system. For years, many of the protesters have been fed a never ending stream of propoganda that’s been reinforced in almost every media outlet. It’s even beyond politics at this point. These people can’t think.

  123. dogsrock2 says:

    If I were a parent of one of these kids, I would be so embarrassed. No parent likes the world to know just how stupid their child is.

  124. Jim Trott says:

    This is what happens when everyone gets a trophy. These spoiled little brats most of whom have done nothing in their lives but go to school and live off mommy and dad have never been shown what it is like to lose. The worst of the worst always got an award or trophy so as not to be left out and when the real world hits them in the face they are stunned. Another great reason to teach kids their are winners and losers, if you don’t like where you stand, try working harder.

  125. Bruce Allan says:

    Wiki exposed that Soros is doing this – maybe he is now the new front in the war on terrorism

  126. Jose Jimenez says:

    Lots of Progressive Fat Parasites.

  127. Sally Fallen says:

    These people validate America is going back onto the right direction. If these people accepted Trump, then I’d be worried.

  128. Nobody really cares about you losers outside of your parents who must be idiots anyway. Just stay out of the way while the rest of us go to work (a phrase you’re unfamiliar with) to Make America Great Again.

  129. Pampered little spoiled brats! You were lied to, you would never have gotten free college from Sander’s or Clinton, they hooked you for support, but it would never have come through.
    You expect everything given to you, except the government doesn’t give you everything, your gimme gimme, and you will find out when you get a job , that YOU will have to pay for all the hand outs , OH yes just like MOM and DAD have been doing, and why they voted for Trump.
    You guys are pathetic , dependent , leaches in society. Hitting mom and dad for party college, them mortgaging their home, draining their 401 k because they love you, and your gimme gimme never ever ends. Shame on you , grow up.

  130. MH Thomas says:

    Riot, Party, Protest… whatever! Count me in!
    Never was the term LOSER more applicable in every single meaning of the word.

  131. These members of the ‘loser class’ never LEARNED to lose – someone please give them a participation trophy so they will go away…

  132. I cant help but notice that most of the protesters are women so now I can see why women were not allowed to vote untill 1924,our founders had it right the first time.

  133. We live in a Republic, not a Democracy. The rule of law, not the rule of the majority. It’s hard to believe how many citizens do not know this and are ranting. In a democracy, the minority would be absolutely ignored. Period. Only four or five states would decide the “election” if not for the electoral college. the rest of he states would not even see a presidential candidate. Citizens need to educate themselves.

  134. Jimmy Chonga says:

    Win or lose, you people make an ASS out of yourselves. So, you may as well LOSE.

  135. Steve Grant says: lackeys…..contributing to global whining.

  136. Ben Jones says:

    These protesters are nothing more than a bunch of spoiled, bed wetting, juveniles who are being paid to get into trouble.
    If they don’t like the new President, they can always move to another Country. I suffered through 8 years of Obama. I didn’t riot, loot, burn or cause anyone any trouble.

  137. Ben Jones says:

    These protesters are nothing more than a bunch of spoiled, bed wetting, juveniles who are being paid to get into trouble.
    If they don’t like the new President, they can always move to another Country. I suffered through 8 years of Obama. I didn’t riot, loot, burn or cause anyone any trouble.

  138. David Brower says:



  139. Abel Garcia says:

    I heard that Hillary also lost the popular vote one you subtract the votes from the DEAD and Illegals!

  140. Tom Thomason says:

    What I see is young, naive, uninformed millennials.

  141. Hey, you little protesting snowflakes, (melting in the streets)!
    There were NO SAFE PLACES at Omaha & Normandy Beaches during WWII.
    GO HOME! Grow Up and Quit your useless Whining!

  142. Freeze Soros assets and watch how fast these snowflakes disappear.

  143. Chuck Tator says:

    You people just don’t get it…

    Clinton is a DISASTER. Obama and Clinton got Democrats wiped out!

    Not only did TRUMP win.
    – Republicans Keep the U.S. Senate and House Majority
    – 33 State Houses are now Republican Majority
    – 31 State Governors are now Republicans

    Only two Senators lost for Republicans and they both messed up big time when they went against Trump and sided with the MSM and the DNC and they paid for it….

    New Hampshire – Kelly Ayotte blew it……..
    Illinois – Mark Kirk blew it……

  144. Jim Trott says:

    The generation of nobody ever loses and everyone gets a trophy. We can now see just how great that philosophy really is. Turns out in life there are setbacks and sometimes you lose. How you react to that is character. We can now see this spoiled entitled driven group of brats have little character and failed one of life’s lessons. Pretty pathetic bunch I must say.

  145. Roe Bauer says:

    Many of these People are Illegals! They are going to feel the Wrath of Trump when He FEMA Camps them with Armed Guards ! Then loads them Chained into Boxcars headed South to deep Central America…!!

    It’s going to get really Nasty for them but it’s their own fault for believing the Communist-NWO’ers when they told them to Come on UP…!!!

    Never Trust a Lying Politician…!!! See what happens when you do..!!

  146. Steve Neely says:

    Goodness. Look who the deplorables really are.

  147. Jerry Ybabo says:

    Hey, you see all the guys standing in the background of your picture? They’re in it for the sex.

  148. I saw some election data that, nationwide, Trump got 48% of the under-30 vote. That’s almost half. We’re obviously seeing the lower half here.

  149. Kevin Lea says:

    Most of these people don’t know why they are protesting for against Trump. They are there for the sex, drugs, and whatever music that turns them on.

  150. I would not describe them as high spirited, misguided and ignorant is a more fitting description. Just like the riots, they march to lies that the left and media feed them.

  151. You can write whatever stupid nonsense you want on your forehead, or tattoo on your butt, but come Jan 20, 2017, if you’re a U.S.citizen, Trump will become your President, like it or not. Get used to it. Do something productive to help keep Trump to his word.

  152. Let’s see if we understand these protesters: They are ‘upset’ that their candidate did not win the election.
    They are protesting an election that is freely voted by the people in a democratic republic? Something doesn’t add up right.
    If all citizens have the free right to vote and gave Trump the majority of votes why are they rioting?
    The protestors did not get a majority of votes for their candidate. Hillary lost the election.
    How is this unfair?

    Thought the progressive liberals to believe in tolerance, sensitivity and diversity? So why the protest and rioting?

  153. When Barack Obama won in the 2008, you told us to suck it up. We didn’t riot, we didn’t loot stores. We went about our business. What did we get, $1T stimulus pack that created nothing. It just lined to be pockets of loser green industries that failed. We got Obamacare that is imploding after taking billions from those that could least lose it. The apology tour that emboldened our enemies and alienated our friends. Red lines drawn that meant nothing and a terrible Iran deal. We didn’t once demonstrate or riot. BO was elected. We sucked it up. TRUMP WAS ELECTED, YOU LOST, NOW YOU CAN SUCK IT UP.

  154. Drive Tone says:

    I’m so awesome, had the election nailed all year – totally annihilating Sabato and Co. 🙂 Here’s some examples of my excellent prognostication:

    *A Trump vote will be an edgy and mischievous secret pleasure for many, what with the entire politico-infotainment complex pulling for Hillary. Impossible to be hip and ‘With Her’.

    *Trump is gonna turn the Chappaqua Carpetbagger into ground Hildebeest.

    *Hillary’s Hindenburg will spontaneously combusting – ohhh, the Huma-nity!

    *The Hillary/Merkel/Hollande Diversity Dirigible™ is bursting at the seams.

    *Cough cough. Cough cough cough!

    *Hillary’s a Mustang II – an explodes-on-contact Pinto with pretensions of greatness. Assange could bang her bigtime, but Comey doesn’t like sloppy seconds.

  155. Terry Miller says:

    A bunch of whiney, wimpy, weenies. The country would far better and stronger without them.

  156. Terry Miller says:

    The government should give them a one-way ticket to anywhere but here. Trump should use them as threat to dump them unless China quits dumping steel here.

  157. I need my SAFE SPACE. Shoot all these “protesters.” I NEED MY SAFE SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. Sam Noriega says:

    LOL. The COPS are HAPPY with this ! PAID OVERTIME !!! Just Before the Holidays!!!

    These IDIOTS are Helping the Cops they claim to HATE so Much. !!

    Really, On SOOOO Many Levels, democrat FOLLOWERS are that Stupid

    Which is a Sad Commentary on the democrat-Controlled ‘Educational System’.
    NO Reasonable or Cognitive or “Cause and Effect” THINKING with the democrat Voting Base.

  159. You lost! So do like all good losers do and SHUT UP, GO HOME, and DROWN YOUR SORROWS IN SOME HERBAL TEA!

  160. Floyd Martin says:

    Trump is going to be the next President and there is nothing you college Snow Flakes or Hollywood can do about it! SO CRY ME A RIVER!

  161. Philip Nolan says:

    Rainbow flags and Mexican flags, and they claim to represent the “real” America. They should then migrate to Mexico, where, I am sure, they will be warmly welcomed by the locals.

  162. As if to prove that Trump was the correct choice. Are these kids INSANE?
    WHAT are they hoping to accomplish?

  163. They need to get over it and move on, give it some time and I think they will se that things will be much better than they have been with Mr. O

  164. Mike Porter says:

    This reaction is our fault as parents, we let these kids grow up thinking they never had to lose at anything. This is the participation trophy generation.

  165. Hehe…

    Miley Cyrus cried in like a weeping bawl!

  166. Rachel Cat says:

    We’ve raised a bunch of selfish, entitled crybabies. We should be ashamed. But wait, they’re getting paid to cause all this turmoil! Disgusting.

  167. All these CHILDREN, need to shut up and return to their room IN THEIR PARENTS home, and forget about the notion that in addition to their parents we all in America owe them the life of leisure.

  168. S.W.I.N.E. Socialists Wildly Indignant about Nearly Everything.

  169. These aren’t protests, they are tantrums!!!