By Ted Scouten

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PLANTATION (CBSMiami) — In a restaurant in Plantation, employees from Boardroom PR fill a table.

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But today is not like most days.

“It just feels like, heavy today,” said one woman. They’re trying to decompress after one of the nation’s nastiest elections.

“I’m calling it wing therapy today,” said Eric Kaylin.

It’s been spirited around the office during this long campaign. “Sometimes it wasn’t pretty,” said Todd Templin.

“Around the water cooler it was definitely loud,” Julie Talenfeld added.

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Today, they’re speaking their minds, getting it all out.

“We went from electing our first black president to electing someone who was endorsed by David Duke,” a co-worker exclaimed.

They’re sharing a meal and opinions. “I’m on an empty stomach and over-caffeinated and under-rested,” said Kaylin. “That’s a nice recipe for a little type of wind down gathering where we can all just catch our breath. It’s over, one way or another it’s over.”

These friends and co-workers are trying to put the focus on the future. “We want people to come together as a nation, I think the time is now to come together,” said Templin.

Some here supported Hillary either whole-heartedly or begrudgingly. A few supported neither and now they’re looking for common ground with the man who will be the next president.

“(I) hope that Donald trump will actually be a good leader,” added Talenfeld. “And hope that maybe some of the bad things he was saying, he was just saying to appeal to a certain segment of the population.”

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Experts say on a day like this one, if you plan to speak politics with friends and family, you should not be critical or place blame, and avoid gloating or rubbing it in.

Ted Scouten