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We’ve come to the final week of the regular season folks.

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It actually went by a bit faster than I thought.

Far too often we take weeks, days, hours, minutes and moments for granted. Each time we’re blessed enough to play our role in a new day, it’s an opportunity to do something meaningful – dare I say, something great.

For a lot of the players across South Florida – what up, Class of 2017 – this week’s game could be the last time they ever put on a football uniform.

Sure, there’s some individuals that will play in postseason all-star games and then there’s that lucky handful who’s on a team that qualified for the playoffs.

They’ve been given a few extra moments.

Ask yourself, “did I take any moments for granted?”

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If there’s any part of you that hesitates even for a split second, I challenge you to change that this week.

Have proactive moments; because they turn into progressive seconds, which turn into positive minutes; which turn into productive hours; which turn into prosperous days; which leads to powerful results.

From a football standpoint, week 11 is always a tough week to pick. You never know how teams are going to play it this week. Playoff teams could elect to rest key players, while non-playoff teams could either be super-jacked to play in their last game or they could go out there and just go through the motions because they have to.

It’s tough to gauge – especially because in more than couple of the games this week, it’s a great matchup but you wish it could’ve happened earlier in the season when the two teams wouldn’t be as concerned with the playoffs.

But I’m riding the wave of the past couple weeks and I want to go into the playoffs on a high note.

Record last week: 42-5
Season record: 398-60 (.868 Correct Pick Percentage)

45 games picked this week with three games in the Bald Predictions Spotlight

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