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WESLEY CHAPEL, FL (CBSMiami) — A Florida high school is looking at disciplining three students who allegedly wore Ku Klux Klan costumes to class.

Images showed students at Wiregrass Ranch High School wearing white pointed hoods with eye holes cut out, as initial reports from the school said they were ghost costumes and part of spirit week.

“Usually ghosts don’t have pointed hats,” said school Superintendent Kurt Browning.

Parents said they have noticed growing tensions in the community following recent events.

“Since our kids kneeled at the football game last week, there’s been a lot of racial tension in the community,” said parent Dee Green. “Never would I have expected that students, or even families, would have taken it as far as wearing Ku Klux Klan paraphernalia to the school.”

However, it turns out that under those sheets were three minority students. The school district said two are hispanic and one was middle eastern.

“The last thing we need is to have any student regardless of race dressed up in that type of costume,” Browning told the public.

Along with the three students in sheets, another wore a confederate flag as a cape. He was asked to take it off and wasn’t disciplined.

Wiregrass Ranch assistant football coach Brandon Tanner said it’s important to address racial issues head on.

“This is not something that should be representative of the school,” he said. “I live in this neighborhood. I don’t deal with that kind of bigotry where I live.”

Comments (88)
  1. Mike Smith says:

    It is always important to suppress someone’s speech when we don’t agree with it. So let’s give away our guns and let the soldiers move in to our homes.

    1. Scotty Gunn says:

      Vote for Hillary and you will get exactly that.

    2. Say_it_isn't_so says:

      Best statement yet!

    3. Grizz Mann says:

      All dissent is hate speech.

    4. Brian Patronie says:

      Yeah, juvenile race-baiters need to have their rights to agitate protected, huh? Let me know the next time you’re in a theater so I can start yelling fire, okay Cletus?

  2. rick says:

    So why aren’t these kids suspended?

    1. Mark Matis says:

      You know the answer to that, rick. They are Preferred Species and as such will NOT be touched.

  3. Paul King says:

    The inmates are running the asylum.

    1. Vicky Bevis says:

      …….and have been for decades.

  4. John Oakman says:

    Blacks will Always be the problem.

    1. fred says:

      No, ignorance will always be the issue. Color matters not

      1. fred says:

        perhaps you should look up the meaning of the word ignorance as you appear to be ignorant to its proper use.

    2. AC says:

      Them, and their worthless apologists – who are, if anything, even more useless.

    3. Ben Dover, Jr. says:

      If you aren’t part of the SOLUTION……you are part of the PROBLEM……

  5. NoBS says:

    Caspar the friendly ghost has died to political correct insanity.
    Yes, Casper had a pointy head, like a tear drop that is now crying liberal blood.

    1. morris67 says:

      Maybe they’re the ghosts of The Coneheads?

  6. Roger says:

    White people hurt my feelings because slavery once existed and I don’t like the way they look at me. I know they are thinking that they hate me, and I blame them for my unhappiness and I demand free money from the government! (BTW, I’m white but self-identify as black.)

  7. Frank D Detrixhe says:

    It’s ok if they are not whit.

  8. Ralph Waters says:

    When was the time the superintendent saw a ghost?

  9. Frank D Detrixhe says:

    should have been white

  10. RobK says:

    So it is okay to disrespect the national anthem by not standing, but not okay to wear a confederate flag? Seems like the administration is taking sides regarding free speech.

  11. Frances says:

    If they had been white, they would have been arrested and charged with a hate crime.

  12. mtnman28709 says:

    What if it had been white kids wearing these outfits? We’d have Jesse and Al forming marches and spewing hate speech. Racism is racism regardless of the color of the perpetrator. These ‘kids’ deserve some form of punishment. Maybe they should attend racial sensitivity training.

  13. Nathan Bedford Forrest says:

    The lunatics are running the asylum.

  14. Leon says:

    They should be arrested for a hate crime. They were obviously trying to stir up racial tensions. If they were white, they’d already be in jail. They and their parents should be made to sit through two hundred hours of sensitivity training.

  15. Changomang says:

    Real racism real discrimination real intolerance real inequality exists……in Latin, African, Asian and middle eastern countries!


  16. ddd says:

    “Since our kids kneeled at the football game last week, there’s been a lot of racial tension in the community,”

    There has been a hue increase in racial tension since the community organizer and wife began advocating racial tension when they moved into the White House.

    Neither can make a simple statement without playing the race card.

  17. 2ndprotectsall says:

    The human race is getting more and more stupid by the hour.

  18. mikey0 says:

    I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

  19. TMA1 says:

    Mr. Brown,

    When you struck the match by letting your football team get down on 1 knee you allowed the fire to start – your problem – YOU deal with – and this time try dealing with it as an adult rather than a whimppy lib demo-commie.

  20. Churyl Minne says:

    If they had been white they would have been arrested. Some white kids in Arlington Tx last spring painted “whites only” on top of water fountains. They were suspended and arrested for a hate crime.

    Disproportionate punishments abound in this country for many reasons. At some point soon, no justice, no peace is going to erupt all over this country.

  21. Wouldn’t it have been nice if the students and parents had “kneeled” to pray for better teachers

  22. James Kent says:

    Many old cartoons in rerun such as “casper the friendly ghost” depict ghosts as having a pointed trailing head as they float or fly.

    Those kids were just dressed as ghosts.

  23. Joe E in the IE says:

    Oh, the things some kids will do with a junior grant from The National Endowment for the Arts.

  24. MAHAKALA says:

    Obama’s America. Racial divide like we haven’t see in 70 years. Hope and Change

  25. keith Varela says:

    those three better watch what wish for…..

  26. It’s hopeless. A young Black lady I work with, and like actually, started arguing that “law and order” and police are the problem. She was serious, even though she had no idea how order would be kept without police. She just stone-walled against reason and logic. This is the strategy now being used by the BLM crowd.
    I am willing to allow those who want to live that lawless life to do so. But they DON”T have the right to impose that lifestyle on the the unwilling regardless of race.
    So I say let’em rip, but some kind border would have to be installed to keep the lawless crowd away from the rest of us.

  27. So when the shoe is on the other foot all of the sudden it’s offensive. Hypocrites. Either have free speech or don’t, but the last thing they should do is favor one side over the other.

  28. Ben Dover says:

    Shouldn’t be dressed up as Democrats. Too scary.

  29. John says:

    You WISH they were ghosts! Unfortunately, they’re much, much worse, they’re N*****S! Run for your lives…seriously!

  30. JAY ARE says:

    Wait…isn’t this “cultural appropriation.” According to PC “right thinks” this is a crime of aggression. (although tiny aggression, perhaps requiring miniature gulags. )

  31. BobUSAFret says:

    Just as bad as wearing a BLM shirt.

  32. Mikey says:

    They were just dressing up in a tribute to Robert Byrd!

  33. Les says:

    Looks like the Wiregrass Democratic Party was holding it’s monthly meeting again

  34. jcgmich29 says:

    White liberals will be greatly disillusioned when they find out how living in a majority non-white country will be like. Other races discriminate against racial minorities. Only whites discriminate in favor of minorities.

    1. So True. Lived in an 90% Black dominated country for over 10yrs. The racism against non-blacks was something you could never even dream up or describe. These twits (liberals) have to realize white people are a world wide minority and we are the most tolerant people on the planet allowing others join in our success…

  35. mikecnj says:

    TOTALLY did not see this one coming

  36. KlintenFolly says:

    They are just wearing the DEMOCRAT PARTY UNIFORM and Miami votes Democrat!

    What is the problem?

  37. t50000 says:

    I don’t see a problem here. Its just a bunch of kids are dressing up in Democrat garb.

  38. “I live in this neighborhood. I don’t deal with that kind of bigotry where I live.” – Well guess what, sport? You do now.

  39. Ryan Lucas says:

    Isn’t that cultural appropriation? Those kids should be expelled!

  40. Why can blacks say anything they want and are not punished for it like whites? Tired of the rampant reverse discrimination in this country.

  41. st8kout says:

    So who cares if they want to dress like white democrats.

  42. David says:

    “Usually ghosts don’t have pointed hats,” said school Superintendent Kurt Browning. Kurt have you ever seen the promo for the movie “Ghostbusters”? The one with Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd? The ghost has a pointed hat. Just saying.

  43. But they might have just been coming home from a Hillary Clinton Rally.

  44. pixxa says:

    You brought it on yourself by letting the BLM wanna-be’s kneel during the National Anthem. Don’t expect there not to be pushback. And it’s going to get worse. People are fed up.

  45. steve says:

    Life is tough!, It’s even tougher, when your stupid. ( John Wayne)

  46. If we’re all equal then we must all follow the same rules.

    If it’s OK for them it’s OK for white kids.

    Same thing with the “N-word.” OK for one, OK for all. That is what “equality” means.

  47. If these were whites with hoods they would have been expelled right from the get go. Why are they waiting to see if they should be punished.

  48. “I live in this neighborhood. I don’t deal with that kind of bigotry where I live.”

    bigotry = intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

    Racism is not bigotry.

  49. The reporter left off the black lives matter patch replacing the old insigna

  50. Art Carney says:

    they going to punish these young people. What is wrong with some people. This why you should never ever never not even maybe ever vote for any democrat. Or allow any democrat and place of power

  51. Hugh Janus says:

    This be some “trickledown 0bama”.

  52. Say_it_isn't_so says:

    Can’t blame the crakka’s this time.

  53. ssgtnelson says:

    How much do you want to bet, if they hadn’t been caught, they would have complained that the school wasn’t doing enough to protect minorities? Seems to be a trend nowadays. If you aren’t experiencing any actual racism or oppression you generate it yourself.

  54. Supreme Court ruled the NAZI’s could march through Skokie,IL and they want to suspend kids for wearing a sheet? The kids could beat this if they take it to court.

  55. CapitalG says:

    We were told we should respect Kaepernick-esque protests because it was freedom of expression and non-violent. So why doesn’t that standard apply to these students protesting?

    Let’s face the facts – allowing and even applauding a Kaepernick-esque protest only encourages a counter protest seeking to ‘one up’ the initial protest.

    Those who tsk-tsk’d the critics of Kaepernick-esque protests are now tsk-tsking this form of protest, but it is no different. The only difference is that you may agree with one and disagree with the other.

  56. A 10 day vacation will teach them and get their minds right.

  57. David says:

    They were dressing as their heros, you know the Democrat party that voted against everything that helped the Americans of dark color.

  58. Bob says:

    Blacks can do as they want.

  59. aajaxx says:

    Hey, that’s cultural appropriation, lol.

  60. Jack says:

    There’s no morals left in public schools any longer. It’s just gone. No standards, no sense of appropriate behavior, no respect for authority, no decorum, no self respect, no respect for others. They don’t even know what any of that means, and everyone comes to the defense of chaos and ruin as “free speech.” We’ve become so clever in our rhetoric and so excusing of bad behavior under the guise of modern thinking that we have a complete breakdown of the next generation. It’s gotten to the point where college students are being permitted to choose their own pronouns, to not be called “he” or “she”, and we have completely invented new terms that mean nothing because we’re too afraid to admit that everyone is a male or a female. Period.

    All this started 50 years ago when acknowledgment of God was removed from public education. Our Founders warned us that education was based on religion and morals, that one could not educate a people apart from those. And we said, “nonsense.” And here we are, all these years later, with this result.

    Well, we bought the lie–and now we’re living with the consequences.

  61. Dumb kids these days, just trying to get attention at any cost. Just like BLM. Get a hobby if you have so much spare time.

  62. C Has Lamb says:

    These ignorant kids are all butt-hurt over nothing, they don’t know “racism”.

  63. Hey, Mr. Bones, is it ok if the white boys go in blackface?

  64. Larry Fyne says:

    Whatcha mean ghost don’t normally have pointed heads? Sure they do…if they’re conehead ghosts.

  65. Duane Uptain says:

    I know the ghosts in my neighborhood always prefer a Confederate design on their sheets, too. LOL!

  66. Will Snyder says:

    “Usually ghosts don’t have pointed hats,” said school Superintendent Kurt Browning.”

    This is a lie. Google “Ghostbusters.” Every single image has a pointed top. You can’t blame these children for using an image that is front and center on the big screen right now…

  67. othelzer says:

    another example of hypersensitive anti racism ,racism
    the whole country is weenie hurt

  68. Roger says:

    They were just dressed up in Historical costumes as Democrats.

  69. Huma's Weiner says:

    Hhahahahahahahahahahhaha…say whhhaaaattttt??? Where’s Clock Boy?

  70. Dan Higggs says:

    If these students were white you’d have suspended them already… come the double standard ?

  71. Midway says:

    Unbathed, dreadlocked, BLM ghetto hood rats protesting on a lie. College students wasting their money & education, who prefer to speak Ebonics than intelligible English. Then they wonder why they can’t find a good paying job, blaming the system with no sense of accountability.

  72. anthony david says:

    If these were 3 white students, they’d be expelled and probably criminally charged. Since these are minority students, nothing will happen

  73. TroyGale says:

    You know, back when children respected adults, I remember a student grabbed by the Principal for smarting off, and being slammed into the hall lockers. That student never gave any teacher trouble from that day till he graduated.
    That student was me…
    Children do need discipline, and it is sadly lacking everywhere, home, school, sports, you name it. No wonder we have a bunch of whiney snowflakes who are useless and ignorant. Lord knows, you can’t make them learn if they don’t want to, and don’t understand why they are in school to begin with.