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We’ve come to the one-third mark of the season.

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By this point of the year, we pretty much know who can do what and now is the time where week-to-week game-planning and in-game coaching adjustments become the deciding factor in most games.

Also, since this is week five, that means seniors – on teams that won’t make the playoffs – only have five more weeks to suit up with their brothers. Those lucky teams that do make the postseason could have another five weeks, although a five-week playoff run is reserved for those especially lucky teams – also known as state champions.

Still, everyone needs to cherish every moment.

I hope everyone has made themselves familiar with the initial SFHSSports Top 25 Poll. The new rankings will be reflected in the Bald Predictions moving forward.

Taking a look back at week four, I feel good about the way I responded from what I thought was a horrible week three prediction performance.

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Tackling week five will be no easy test as there are a handful of marquee matchups between rivals and there’s a handful of big district battles too. District games can be the trickiest to pick because even though both teams know what’s at stake, there’s still an intangible factor that tends to favor underdogs.

What I am looking forward to this week is going to a bunch of games that should have some absolutely lit atmospheres. Yes, I said lit.

Come on folks, let’s get out there and pack these stadiums this week – support high school football.

Record last week: 42-7
Season record: 171-29 (.855 Correct Pick Percentage)

45 games picked this week with three in the Bald Predictions Spotlight

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