By Lisa Petrillo

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — It was a crime that shook the world– a beautiful 6-year old girl murdered in her own home.

Twenty years later, the case remains unsolved and is now the subject of a six-hour CBS docuseries titled  “The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey.”

Executive Producer Tom Forman  teamed up with former FBI  special agent and profiler Jim Clemente to assemble a dream team  of forensic pathologists, investigators and scientists to dissect every aspect of the case.

“This was about allowing Jim and his team of world-class investigators to go back and re-investigate the case to re-do old interviews as they might not have gone as they should have and to look at everything with fresh eyes. To do new interviews with people who’ve never talked before and break new ground, and maybe just solve it once and for all,” said Forman.

First on the list was to re-interview those who were in the house that day – including JonBenét’s older brother Burke.

“We approached him and asked him to do an interview and he did not want to participate in this investigation. It’s really a shame because we really wanted to ask him details from his perspective. Unfortunately, the family is not very cooperative, but that’s how they’ve been from day one in this investigation,” Clemente said.

Earlier this week, Burke Ramsey appeared in an exclusive interview on Dr. Phil and was criticized for his awkward and uncomfortable behavior on the show.

The scope of the highly skilled team’s investigation included rebuilding  full-scale replicas of key rooms  from the Ramsey house.

“The problem is that the Ramsey house, though it is still standing, has been renovated. That wine cellar where JonBenét’s body was found is gone. So, we got our hands on old blueprints. We got crime scene photos and video .We rebuilt it from the carpet to the wallpaper every item exactly where it was in 1996 so Jim and his investigators could test it,” Forman said.

“Anytime I go to a crime scene, especially where a 6-year old girl was killed, it’s incredibly and profoundly eerie and it definitely affects you. It brought me back that a 6-year old girl was murdered and there was no justice for her,” said Clemente.

Twenty years later, that fact is what drove the team to do this documentary .

“We want people to step up, take notice, and move forward with this case. As a team of experts, we’ve come to really solid conclusions and we want law enforcement to take those forward and really resolve this case,” Clemente said.

You can watch part one of “The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey.”on Sunday at 8:30 p.m. only on CBS4.

Lisa Petrillo


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