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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – There’s still a lot of attention on Hillary Clinton’s health. While she takes a break from the campaign trail, her husband gave a candid interview to “CBS This Morning” anchor Charlie Rose.

“I feel great. Every day I feel great. I just get up and hit it,” Bill Clinton told Rose.

At 70 years old, former President Clinton is ready to take on a new role – that of first spouse if voters elect his wife come November.

“First and foremost, I think I should do whatever I’m asked to do. That is, if Hillary wins, I’d be both a former president and the spouse. So I think I should make those roles as consistent as possible by saying to the president and seniors advisors,” he said. “I will do whatever you want me to do. I will serve.”

Clinton also discussed his wife’s recent health scare.

“She’s doing fine… she just got dehydrated,” he said. “She’s worked like a demon as you know as secretary of state and senator and the year since.”

Hillary Clinton could return to the campaign trail as soon as Wednesday.

When asked why her opponent Donald Trump is gaining on her in the polls, the former president had a quick response.

“He’s brilliant at rubbing salt in their wounds. Says I’ll fit it all and make it all the way it used to be,” Clinton said.

“But why is Secretary Clinton having less appeal to working class Americans than you did?” Rose followed up with.

“A lot of this is cultural. She’s the first woman candidate for major office. She’s trying to get her party winning a third time. I will say again, the level of disillusionment is very high,” Clinton responded.

Despite the contentious campaign, the former commander in chief seems optimistic about the country’s future.

“I still think answers work better than anger, and I still think empowerment works better than division, and responsibility is better than resentment,” he said.

When discussing the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton said the organization “bent over backward” to avoid conflicts of interests and even discussed concerns with the White House before his wife became secretary of state.

The foundation is holding its final Clinton Global Initiative Conference in New York next week.

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  1. genennene says:

    CBS edited the Charlie Rose interview to take out where Bill says Hillary has passed out frequently.

    1. The word “frequently” is yours. Nice spin! He said it had happened before but did not say “frequently”. Did you get that word on Breitbart
      or Drudge?