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How about that first week?

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Just add another reason to the list as to why South Florida high school football as a whole is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

Picking games in the opening week of the season is tough. You’re not 100 percent sure what certain teams will be yet and believe it or not, injuries already start to play a factor in outcomes – we saw that with Carol City.

And, while I won’t go another rant, I’ll just offer up these three words to a couple of teams out there:




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You know who you are.

Still, 44 correct picks out of 53 games isn’t bad.

Week two, like week one, is a week of discovery. We will discover this week which teams can handle early adversity and which coaching staffs can make the small adjustments and tweaks that will make this week better than the last.

Also, we’ll see which teams can handle success. It sounds funny, but you’d be surprised how players will take their foot off the pedal just because things went well in week one.

As a reminder, the SFHSSports Preseason Rankings will hold until after week four. That’s why certain teams – whether you feel they should be moved up or down or now be ranked or unranked – are still where they are.

Record last week: 44-9 (.830)

48 games picked this week with three in the Bald Predictions Spotlight

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