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And so begins another high school football regular season.

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This school year marks my 11th year covering high school sports in South Florida and I’ve found myself being very reflective lately.

Thinking about all of the great players that I’ve covered over the years; the big games that I watched up close; the relationships that I’ve built with coaches; and some of the stories I’ve written.

It truly has been a blessing to cover sports in South Florida – especially high school. I cut my teeth as a journalist covering preps. And while I’ve gone on to cover college and professional sports too, doing what I do for the high school level will always have a special place in my heart.

But I hope everyone had a great first week of school; getting back into the swing of things, getting those academic juices flowing again, and finding out which teachers “don’t play that”.

I’m excited about the 2016 season because once again there are goo-gobs of storylines to follow throughout the year. And, I have a feeling that this is going to be a season that truly tests my predicting knowledge because there are so many solid teams that are capable of knocking off anyone on any given night.

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As week one barrels in, now is the time where we really see who’s really been putting in the work, who’s really been grinding and who’s been working on their craft. Everyone says “they’ve been working hard”, but now it’s time to swipe that card and see who has money in the bank.

Because I think this will be a grueling season for just about everyone – wins have an even higher premium on them. And getting your season off to a great start – with a victory – might be more important than it’s ever been.

Remember, whatever happened last season – good or bad – doesn’t matter anymore. As always, you must “win today”.

Record last season: 470-109 (.811 Correct Pick Percentage)
All-time record: 1826-382 (.826 Correct Pick Percentage)

52 games picked this week with four in the Bald Predictions Spotlight.

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