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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Whether it’s a shaving cream facial after a game-winning hit, pretending to ignore a rookie’s first career home run, or pulling a “fake” hidden ball trick, hijinx are as much a part of baseball as a seventh inning stretch sing-a-long.

The art of pranking teammates can take a lifetime to master. Pranking rivals just may be something only future Hall-of-Famers can pull off.

Such was the case earlier this week as Reds first baseman and Canadian Joey Votto was gifted some donuts by an anonymous Marlins player when the team visited Cincinnati for a four-game series. Marlins announcers alluded that the donuts may have come from Tim Horton’s, the popular Canadian fast food restaurant known for their coffee and donuts.

Apparently, the pastry prankster was Ichiro!

On Thursday, Votto returned the generosity by ordering 51 pizzas to the Marlins clubhouse and stacking them in front of Ichiro’s locker. 51, of course, being the Japanese legend’s jersey number.

The two shared a good laugh as Ichiro stood at first base.

And what kind of pizzas were they, you ask?

When you’ve got a 10-year, $225 million contract, you go classy. You order California Pizza Kitchen.