By Ted Scouten

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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) — The trial of a woman accused of killing her live-in boyfriend – a Miami Police officer – began on Tuesday.

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Thompson is having her day in court. The Miami Police Department Service aid admitted she shot and killed her boyfriend Miami Police Officer Carl Patrick in May of 2014.  Her attorney argues it was self-defense.

“He pulls out his firearm and he sticks it right into her face and hits her in the mouth,” said Defense Attorney Roderick Vereen.

When prosecutors laid out their case, they described a very different story.

“This is not a case of domestic violence. It’s a case of deadly webs of deceit,” said Prosecutor Shari Tate.

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Tate described Thompson as broke, with her car just repossessed, moving into Patrick’s Pembroke Pines home, driving his car, and charging up his credit cards. Then came the big lie that she was pregnant with their child. Friends testified she texted pregnant pictures and planned to name the baby Victoria.

“She can’t even have a baby. There’s a hysterectomy, tubes tied. No baby. No pregnancy. Never was a pregnancy. All of that was a lie,” said Tate.

Talk of this pregnancy went on for months, actually, more than a year.

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Thompson’s attorney said Patrick was well aware that it was not true.

“The evidence will show you that either she was pregnant for probably 13 months, he knew that she was not pregnant or he’s the dumbest man in the world and thinks that a woman is pregnant as long an elephant,” said Vereen.

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On May 7, 2014, it all came to an end in the couple’s bedroom when Thompson fired a gun. She said it happened when she was being beaten.

“We’re fighting over the gun and the guns goes pow. Goes pow! The struggle and the gun goes off,” said Vereen.

The state argues it happened after her lies were revealed.

“Tiniko Thompson explodes; Tiniko Thompson is not going to be exposed for this giant web of deceit, this faked pregnancy for the lies to everyone,” said Tate.

Prosecutors said Patrick could have survived the shooting but Thompson stopped him from calling for help, then covered up the body and the murder.

“All the thermostats in the house, the air conditioning is turned all the way down. There’s fans set up in the bedroom blowing on the body to cool the air, chill the air to slow decomposition of the body,” said Tate.

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The trial is expected to last up to two weeks. If convicted, Thompson could face life in prison.

Ted Scouten