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Talk to people in Texas, Georgia and other states who believe that their coaches are second to none, maybe they should step back and understand what their peers in the Sunshine State continue to do for the athletes.

While being one of the lowest paid coaches in America, the fact that South Florida leads the nation – by far – in producing NFL talent should speak for itself, but there are still skeptics.

What the coaches in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties do now, and have done for years for little pay, should serve as a reason why so many football players leave this region of the country better prepared and equipped what’s happening at that next level and beyond.

Taking players to camps and combines, bringing them to colleges and universities all over the country and being there for them when it comes to teaching and coaching and help put in those hours that will tell the difference in the end.

As we take a look at the 2016 high school football season, many of the features that we will bring your way are centered around facets of the game that others could not possibly know or bring to you.

Our commitment to high school football every day of the year is unmatched anywhere in the country. We have been fortunate to watch more talent live year after year, giving us the advantage of not only showcasing the high rated prospects, according to the fan websites but also the prospects that we uncover and promote.

Without great coaches, you have no programs and no marquee players who have taken their talents as far as the Middle East, Europe and throughout the United States, “reppin’” an area that many know so well.

Each year, during our preview, we bring you the coaching staffs who make that sacrifice to get better, taking no time off. Here is a look at the 10 we are recognizing this year:

AMERICAN HERITAGE PATRIOTS: No matter who is been in charge of this program – from Byron Walker to Mike Rumph to the current head coach Pat Surtain – the objective has been the same with quality coaches getting it done by developing talent and making them that much better. Even with the infusion of professional football players to the staff, there are other coaches who have continued to make that difference. Superb teachers and motivators.

DEERFIELD BEACH BUCKS: While last year turned out to be one of those seasons that set the tone for the future, Jevon Glenn and his staff came together and have done what they always do at this program: take quality athletes and teach them. With an infusion of newcomers, the task of bringing everyone together on the same page will show that this is a staff that has really made a lasting impression. The coaches insist that this is only the beginning!

FLANAGAN FALCONS: Before many of this current coaching staff arrived in Pembroke Pines, this football program felt that a .500 season was a major accomplishment. But times have changed, and with Devin Bush, Sr. now at the University of Michigan, Stanford Samuels Jr. takes over with many of the same assistants that have turned the defending 8A state champions around. This is indeed a staff that has to be respected for developing and teaching. To illustrate how good the defensive coaching is – just look back the past two years and see how many yards, big plays and points the opposition scored. This is a staff that still has many decision makers ready to go.

MIAMI BELEN JESUIT WOLVERINES: Has there been a more consistent program than veteran head coach Rich Stuart and his football program? It would tough to find. This is a throwback staff that watches everything from varsity and junior varsity to middle school and youth football. Talk about many of the same faces that have been on the sideline for years and you have familiar faces who have made a difference – on and off the playing field. Just another quality staff that gets results and teaching lasting lessons.

MIAMI BOOKER T. WASHINGTON TORNADOS: No matter who happens to be calling the shots – this is a program that has developed a culture that every player and coach are part of. This group represents four straight 4A state championships, and whether it’s been Tim “Ice” Harris, Sr., Tim “Ice” Harris Jr. or last year’s head coach Earl Tillman, the objective has always been the same. Great team, tremendous coaches and players who make the difference – now and for years to come.

MIAMI CAROL CITY CHIEFS: Tradition and plenty of pride have fueled this program for decades – with the legacy of Walt Frazier serving as that guiding light to follow. Head Coach Aubrey Hill has taken advantage of his playing career and college coaching career to help bring that kind of atmosphere to the school. Year-round commitment to getting bigger, faster, stronger and better have been taught since many of these players were in the local youth leagues. With so many alumni always trying to help out and give these young men advice, this is a staff that will always produce results.

MIAMI CENTRAL ROCKETS: It’s become a broken record on 95th Street. Coaches and players in this program have got this thing down solid after four plus years of winning state titles. What it all comes down to is work ethic and commitment to the program. Head coach Roland Smith and his quality assistants have made this a team that reloads and rebuilds each year – with hard work being the key. Every year there are new faces added the coaching staff that the players know and respect. That is what this is all about.

MIAMI CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS EXPLORERS: For the past four years we have had this feature, here is a program that has been right in the middle of much-deserved recognition. Coach Chris Merritt and this football team boast a coaching staff that has added pieces through the years but has long been responsible for teaching, developing and maintaining a year-round effort in keeping this football team right there in the playoff picture each season.

MIAMI SOUTHRIDGE SPARTANS: While we all know how much success head coach Billy Rolle and this program has enjoyed in the past, over the past two years, this is a team that has used solid year-round coaching, teaching and exposure to be one of the favorites to win it all in 8A. The staff has done more than what is required – and the results are expected to surface this season.

ST. THOMAS AQUINAS RAIDERS: There is never a surprise when this program is mentioned as being among the best for just about anything. But when it comes to coach, Roger Harriott has always surrounded himself with the best of the best. His staff here is a reflection of him. They coach like him. They have that same way of teaching and communicating. The reason why this program remains successful through the years – in the rather large shadow of legendary George Smith is because of the winning philosophy.

In addition to the 10 that we have mentioned, there are several others knocking at the door – and we will be spotlighting those coaching staffs and teams through the season.

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