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What do you need to get ready to go back to school? It’s more than paper, pens, and backpacks, especially if someone is going away to school for the first time and that dorm room needs a few special touches.

You might need a brand new laptop and jump drive to start. Having reliable equipment will ensure that those long nights you spend rushing your assignment won’t go to waste, your device won’t shut down on you and you won’t lose any unsaved data because you’ve got it all saved on your external devices.

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You might also like a microwave for your room and microwaveable bowls and plates to go with it. You’ll need a water bottle to take with you to class, Mini-fridge to store all your snacks in, a sandwich maker grill for late night grilled cheeses. Panini and waffles can be made on the go, and you can make coffee like a pro. Don’t forget to grab a juicer for a smoothie to start your day off right!

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There are all types of batteries so you never lose power, and watches and alarm clocks to get up on time. You can also get a portable TV to watch your favorite shows, not to mention streaming devices and wireless sound solutions that take up minimal space in your dorm so you can still have your friends over.

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