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You have your next cruise booked, but what should you wear? The following “what to pack for your cruise” tips will have you looking your best while sailing the seas.

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At the first mention of cruise wear—termed resort wear in fashion circles—fashionistas and resort-wear designers seem to gravitate to dresses, kaftans and sarongs as the first “must have” items for fashionable cruisers. These clothing selections in light weight fabrics are perfect for the long list of activities available to you on a warm-weather cruise, especially the exciting ones on an MSC cruise.

For ladies, a dress with a pair of sandals will take you into and out of dining at any one of the four restaurants available on MSC Cruises gorgeous Caribbean-bound ship; MSC Divina. As the largest cruise line in the world accommodating guests from all over the globe, the cruise styles may differ but the environment of fashion will never change. The colors that mimic the sea around you, from navy to turquoise are always a hit. It’s also a winning combination to wear clothing that complements your at-sea surroundings, such as yellow or orange. Now, none of these recommendations are worth anything if they are inconsistent with the colors that look good on your skin tone. To look your best, you must feel your best. So, if sea colors don’t look good on you, pick something else in your environment to “be at one with.” Sea, sand and surf are all themes to consider when picking cruise wear.

For men, crisp white and tan outfits are a great way to bring the Caribbean feel to the sea. Linen ensembles make for a comfortable outfit to stroll on board and at shore.

MSC Cruises offers a kaleidoscope of culinary delights while on board from Mediterranean goodies to the specialty items in various restaurants, but there’s no need to be chilly or cold while appealing to your culinary curiosity. As a result, a sarong—a piece of cloth tied around the body—can double as shawl to keep you warm while dining. Perhaps you enjoy star-gazing in the evenings. If so, that’s another good time to shoulder your sarong for evening strolls. If you know that the slightest breeze or cool air conditioning make you shiver, pack an actual jacket or sweat sheath in your luggage. Comfortability is always a key factor in looking your best and feeling your best especially while traveling the world. If you decide to pack a jacket, consider one in black or white as it will match everything you have, and you’ll maintain your stylish getup.

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Sarongs are also great for swimwear covers that can be tied at the waist, breast line or around the neck. Often sold in brilliant colors and prints, you won’t have to try very hard to attract the sun while lounging out poolside in one of these versatile garments. They are also ideal wear to the MSC Aurea Spa, MSC Cruises’ Balinese spa – the only Balinese spa at sea. What could be better than a colorful sheath, a quick knot and a dart to the spa?

Spectacular prints in daring colors can also be satisfied by a kaftan. However, this article of clothing provides more structure, as it is already constructed as a loose fitting dress for women or a shirt for men. Comfort at its best, and when purchased in light fabrics, wrinkles are not a worry. Kaftans are ideal for excursions when walking in lots of sunshine. These garments will easily allow you to collect a cool sea breeze as you venture, but are lightweight enough to not make you hot. If you prefer layers, wear shorts and a tank top underneath for maximum comfort. The kaftan can be carried in a purse or back pack and popped on after the shore excursions are done.

There are activities onboard that will require a more dressy option. For MSC Gala Evenings, everything from formal to cocktail to that stunning “little black” dress are appropriate for the evening. For men, tuxedos, dark suits with ties or dinner jackets are appropriate wear. Our best advice is to pick your favorite garment: one that’s amenable to enjoying a good meal; perhaps dancing at one of the night clubs following dinner or trying your luck at the onboard casino. It’s all about looking your best, but also feeling your best when deciding on what to pack for your cruise. MSC Cruises offers a variety of laundry packages. Inquire to find out if the service can offer you services to make sure your “knock’em dead” outfit can be maintained wrinkle-free for your special night out.

To learn more about MSC Cruises and their amenities, contact your travel agent, visit the MSC Cruises website or call 1-(844) 220-9878.

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