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According to travel experts near and far, there are two types of travelers: those who like to visit one city to experience as much of it as possible, and those who like to visit multiple places, taking bite size chunks of each place. Whichever traveler you are, you are surely guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck when you choose to cruise.

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Cruising is the most affordable, convenient and stress-free way to see distant lands and shores allowing travelers who are interested in taking satisfying appetizer portions of multiple ports of call for the price of one cruise ticket.

“When you step out of your stateroom, you see the world differently,” said Marin, a 19-year travel veteran, who books volumes of cruise passengers annually from a local Miami- based travel agency.

Marin’s point is significant because an airline passenger would have to land, transport luggage and utilize ground transportation to arrive at a final accommodation destination all before beginning to enjoy a dream vacation. Add to this equation, visiting multiple cities, and you spend a significant portion of vacation packing and unpacking and lugging bags from place to place – an occurrence Long Island-based Cruise Specialist Toni Lanotte-Day calls “schlepping around.”

“If you’re in Europe using the train station, you’ve got to be quick to catch the trains, and you don’t want to be carrying a 50 pound bag; rolling it to the taxi, and taking the taxi to the hotel. All of this schlepping around costs you time and money,” she said. “It’s wear and tear on your neck and back. It can be stressful.”

Taking an MSC cruise truly remedies this type of time-kill and added expense especially with the unlimited value this particular cruise line offers. As the largest privately owned cruise line in the world, MSC Cruises brings a unique international feel to the cruise industry and at unbelievable cruising rates.

Consider the MSC Cruises K.I.S.S.—Keep It Simple Sales promotion—it delivers the Greek Islands, Northern Europe and the Eastern/Western Mediterranean in seven-day and 12-day cruises for really low prices. Selecting an itinerary under this plan entitles passengers to visit enchanting cities like Barcelona, Spain; Marseille, France and Palermo, Italy—all on one Mediterranean cruise for prices as low as $399 per person on double occupancy. Unpack once and watch the world develop from your stateroom. There’s no schlepping around required! This promotion lasts until August 31, 2016, so make your purchases soon.

“I’ve done the schlepping and I’ve done the cruising, when push comes to the shove, I’ll take the cruising option,” declared Lanotte-Day, owner of a New York-based travel agency.

Another cost-saver of cruising is set prices for meals, accommodations and entertainment. For the price of cruising, these critical components of vacationing are included in your sailing price. As Lanotte-Day pointed out, you don’t have to worry about the currency conversion or fluctuation of the dollar. You’re locking in your cost early and just once

In addition to the benefits associated with selecting a cruise itinerary, MSC Cruises guests can further tailor their vacation experience by purchasing extra packages to satisfy wants and desires like only a cruise can offer. If you like liquid fun, guests can purchase the Allegrissimo & More for Less packages for all-inclusive, unlimited alcoholic beverages at $26 per day/per person. Cocktail sippers know that drinks can easily cost $10 each any place else—this package price is a steal! But, packages aren’t limited to libations, what about a spa thrill? If Balinese spa treatments at sea float your boat, you can reserve in advance special spa packages with Aurea Spa, and receive the best prices. Last, but not least, what’s a cruise without thrilling land excursions? Experienced personnel ensure that you get the most out of a destination while learning all there is to know. The Explorer Formula enables guests to buy three of the best excursions on their cruise for one smart price.

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Cruising is great for families too. Families are typically on a budget and need the extra time to plan and pay for a vacation, said Tracie Arnold, from a well-established agency in the Atlanta area. Arnold says 85% of her travel business is for cruises, and a healthy percentage of her clients are families.

“When you’re talking about a family, you’re typically speaking of a limited budget,” she said. “Cruises can allow up to 24 months to pay for the vacation. Through a travel agent the average vacation payment time for other types of vacations is about 10 months prior to departure.”

MSC Cruises recognizes that families often include minor children. As such, the Kids Sail Free concept guarantees that children ages 12 and under sail free in April 2017 on select sailings. From April 2017 on, children ages 11 and under sail free of charge on select sailings. Two full-fare paying adults must accompany kids in a stateroom as the third and fourth guests.

Whether at sea or enjoying exquisite excursions, sailing makes unforgettable vacation travel affordable, less cumbersome and easier to plan than any other vacation option. MSC Cruises makes it easier and more travel-friendly than any other cruise line with jaw dropping promotions like the K.I.S.S. program, but why stop there? There’s the BOGO-Buy One Get One at 50% stateroom deal on August 27, 2016 aboard the exquisitely appointed MSC Divina. Places in the Eastern Caribbean like The Bahamas, Puerto Rico and St. Maarten are yours for the taking.

If that’s not enough, try the Balcony Sale on staterooms for seven-night Caribbean cruises. The MSC Divina is the perfect ship, with meals at the buffet and main dining rooms and all the other accoutrements that make sailing just divine.

Just think, MSC cruising makes all of the conveniences, comforts and cost-savings of sailing available to foreign shores without all the hassles of immigration lines, and to most destinations, without the need for visas and passports..

To find out more about the MSC Cruises packages and promotions mentioned, contact your travel agent, visit the MSC Cruises website or call 1-(844) 220-9878. 

Above content provided by MSC Cruises.


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