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The period we are now in happens to be a time of the summer where things get dangerous.

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With 7-on-7 events winding down along with other camps and combines, this is the period of time where athletes are getting antsy for the season to begin (August 1).

Ask any coach and they will tell you that this may be the most important part of the year, and they may be right. These are the days before the start of regular season practice where coaches hold their collective breath, hoping that everyone stays healthy, and that is not a given.

Last year at this time when Hallandale was attending the University of South Florida 7-on-7 event when they Chargers watched yearly power Tampa Plant see their plans of winning a state title when the coaches thought it would be interesting to see their starting quarterback would do at receiver. It was the last time he was on the field and the Panthers lost early in the playoffs.

Each week during the course of the year, summer included, we bring you some quality football players to keep an eye on. This week, here are six more prospects with their highlights.

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2019 – Demetrius Burns, QB, 6-0, 190, Homestead Everglades Prep: One of the young prospects who has been quietly making some major strides. As a left-handed quarterback, Burns is one of those potential leaders who will do what is needed to help his team win. He has deceptive speed and has a very good awareness of where the receivers and running backs are at all times. Keep your eye on this young man – he has what it takes.

2018 – Jack Fris, OL/DL, 6-5, 300, Parkland Douglas: There must be something in the water in northwest Broward County. The Gaynor brothers have been able to blaze a path the past four years; and now we have this impressive prospect who brings with him size, athleticism and two full years left to showcase the many things he is learning all the time. Fris has quick feet and a passion for mixing it up with defensive linemen. The only thing that stands in the way of colleges pouring into head coach Willis May’s office is the lack of overall experience. Once he gets that, this is someone who has the chance to be special.

2017 – Mitch Louis, DL, 5-11, 270, North Miami: Having watched him the past few years at Norland, this is definitely a football player who will make a difference for a Pioneer team that missed the playoffs last season. Louis is a strong and agile athlete who knows how to dominate up front. College coaches are already aware of this young man; and as his final season approaches, this is a prospect who will continue to make major strides and help this program win.

2018 – Robert Reubel, DB, 5-10, 165, Davie Western: Make no mistake, this football team has now produced an amazing number of quality talent over the past five years – and you can add this “ball-hawk” to that list. After winning an MVP award at a recent 7-on-7 tournament, college coaches are now starting to watch him closely. Reubel is a skilled secondary performer who has the chance to be ultra-special this season.

2017 – Juan Rivera, DE/LB, 6-1, 215, Coral Springs Coral Glades: For years, this is a program that very few college coaches had time for during the spring. Well, that is changing with athletes like this and head coaches like Christian Baldwin, who brings some of that old school toughness to the Jaguars. What this young man brings to the table is a very impressive defensive player with quickness, athletic ability and plenty of room to grow into the position.

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2017 – Dawson Tisdale, DE/OLB, 6-2, 193, Miami Southridge: While many hear all about the marquee prospects this program has on the roster, it’s actually talented performers like this who are responsible for getting football teams far in the playoffs. Tisdale is a football talent that does a lot of things well, and by the start of the season, will be another vital part of the Class 8A power Spartans. He has one of those motors that never quits – and his coaches continue to point that out.

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