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Selena Gomez took to the streets in James Corden’s Range Rover for another edition of his hit series, Carpool Karaoke. During their musical road trip around Los Angeles, the pair stopped for some McDonalds. Comedy ensues when the woman behind the window just about loses her mind after Corden introduces her to Gomez.

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Corden felt the need for fast food after drinking a shot of ginger on Gomez’s request. According to the pop star, she likes to drink a shot or eat a piece of ginger every day. Unable to stomach it, Corden washed away the taste with a McDonalds combo No. 6.

But before pulling away from the golden arches, Corden demands that Gomez’s Coca-Cola cup feature lyrics to one her songs. After refusing a cup with Cyndi Lauper’s lyrics, he’s finally given cups with lyrics to Gomez’s hit song, “I Love You Like A Love Song.”

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The pair also made a hysterical visit to an amusement park and went for a wild ride on a rollercoaster.