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If you’ve ever run out of memory on your smartphone and had to scramble to decide what to delete before being able to do what it was you wanted to do, you’ll want to know more about OTG technology.

OTG stands for On-The-Go or more technically, USB On-The-Go and with OTG you can transfer files between mobile devices without cables or Wi-Fi.

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Lots of smartphones have memory that is “locked” meaning you can’t add any more memory once you buy it. That 16GB phone may have sounded like it had a lot of memory when you bought it, but if you take a lot of pictures or have a lot of songs, that memory goes fast.

Seems like when your phone is full you are never near a computer, and that means a scramble to pick pictures, music, or files to delete. If you were near a computer you may have had to find a Wi-Fi signal, or use your data plan, or sort through the Cloud, or carry around compatible cables and a storage device and go through a lot of steps to transfer the files.

It’s a lot easier now with storage of, photos, music, videos, playlists, and other files you can offload directly from your Android, iPhone, or tablet, freeing up that memory on your phone. Everything will be right there, waiting for you to access them or move them onto your main computer. You can even move files easily from phone to phone. It really is On-The-Go.

Here’s how it works: These Jump Drives have both a USB connector for your computer, and either a micro USB connector for your Android or a Lightning connector for your iPhone 5 or newer. Just plug it in, and it automatically prompts you for the next step.

You can download apps that make the job even easier. It offers flexibility and control-no wires, no need for a Wi-Fi signal, and no draining your data plan.

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Think about this: got a long flight coming up?

You load up the OTG JumpDrive with movies and music for the trip and watch when you want, without clogging your phone. Same thing if you want more music in your car: just load up everything you’ve got. These drives come in 16, 64, and 128GB memory versions. With OTG whatever you need to carry with you is in your pocket. You can get your OTG with USB 2.0, or USB 3.0 which is about 10 times faster. They start under $40. You’ll never have to scramble to delete files on your phone again.

Here at BrandsMart, we have a full team of knowledgeable specialists who can set you up to be fully on the go with the right USB OTG JumpDrive for you.

Come by to learn more about OTG and what it can do for you, today.

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