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Music is everywhere, on your smart phone, over the internet, and over the air, but how can you hear what you want to hear, when and where you want to hear it, with the best possible sound?

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Good news: it’s all about you.

Ask Yourself: How do you listen? Where do you listen?

How much sound do you need, and what sound quality do you want?

Well, whether you just want a simple solution you can take anywhere, or want audiophile sound throughout your home there’s a system that can help you get what you want.

You may not have a big budget but there are low cost options like this Coby Portable Stereo Wireless Speaker for under $9. It has an input for plugging in almost any device you want and it’s got Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, too. With a built-in rechargeable battery it’s simple, and completely portable-put it in your pocket.

Want better sound?

That means a better speaker. Better means a more powerful amplifier, higher quality speaker materials and a bigger, longer lasting battery. Some speakers have both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

It might not be as lightweight, but still great to take on the go. This high-quality JBL Xtreme Portable Bluetooth Speaker offers powerful sound, great bass and 15 hours of battery time. It even has dual USB ports to keep other devices charged. It is also splash-proof so you can use it while you’re in the kitchen or by the pool. There’s also a speakerphone option so you can answer calls when you have it paired up with your phone.

Here’s something important about portability: IPX ratings. IP stands for ‘ingress protection,’ which is a fancy way of saying how dust and waterproof the device is. The higher the IPX rating, the more dust and waterproof it is.

IPX 0 means no protection at all, IPX 4 means protection from a splash of water or objects 1 millimeter or larger (a small amount of dust), and IPX 7 means complete dust protection or water submersion up to 1 meter for at least 30 minutes.

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If you really love your sound, chances are that you have an older, but still high quality sound system in your home or perhaps you had your whole house wired with speakers ‘back in the day.’

You may not be worried about portability so much as linking your streaming music to your legacy high quality system. You’re not alone-and that’s why there are new devices that can turn any stereo system into a wireless music zone. Play the music you want from your smartphone, tablet, USB drive, or other external devices, and control it with an app through your beautiful old system.

With a device like this Bose® SoundTouch Series II Wireless Adapter you can introduce your faithful receiver and speakers to their new friends like Pandora, Spotify, or your smartphone music collection.

If you really want high quality music all over your home, there are even multi-room, multi-source systems. Your wife can hear her Michael Buble in the kitchen, while you rock out to Metallica in the family room. You both have apps, and you both have total control over your music.

You might want to add subwoofers to take your experience to the next level. Subwoofers handle bass, and that leaves the regular speakers to handle everything else. You can add a wired or wireless subwoofer to almost any system-with the sound bar for your television, and you’ll find the subwoofer really delivers the home theater feeling.

If you want to entertain, you can get quality speakers either wired or unwired for your patio or outside area. Some of these speakers even look like rocks to blend with the landscaping while delivering high quality sound.

If being noticed and being the life of the party is just what you want, then this portable PA speaker with Bluetooth is perfect for you. It offers DJ quality, and is ready for you to entertain the masses. This speaker has carry handles and wheels so you can bring the party anywhere.

If you have a truly stadium sized venue, you can even link multiple units together and blow the doors off the place. Some even have inputs for your microphone and guitar, so you can rock it live.

There’s a world of sound out there. And here at BrandsMart, we have a full team of knowledgeable specialists who will ask you the right questions to help you get the best sound for you wherever you may be.

Come by to learn more about improving everything you want to hear, today.

Discover the BrandsMart way.

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