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While the Lifeline Assistance Program offers an invaluable benefit to many low-income groups, single mothers from Maine to Hawaii, from Alaska to Florida, particularly benefit from this service. These women struggle to find an income while caring for their children, deal with health issues, and watch as costs for everything rise rapidly, making even the most basic of items seem out of reach.

Fortunately there are many programs which attempt to level the economic playing field for these families. From food stamps (SNAP) and housing aid to Medicaid and energy assistance, programs are in place at many levels to provide a needed safety net. Perhaps one of the most useful of these programs is the Lifeline Assistance Program which provides free or low-cost landlines, cell phones, and monthly minutes to families in need of financial help.

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Issa Asad, CEO of Q Link Wireless in Dania Florida, is an approved provider of the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program. He explains that many people may be shocked to learn how many children live in single-parent households. “Even worse is that the consequences of this situation are often unrecognized,” he adds. “Since these children do not have the same access to resources, their education is at risk, and it’s harder for them to get the kind of medical care they deserve.” Asad feels that the program can have a major impact for many families, but the benefits for single moms in particular are many:

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  • Ability to Coordinate a Care Network: Single moms may be required to juggle twice as many activities as two-parent households. They have to deal with how to get their children to day care, school, medical care, and other activities, let alone try to get to a job on time. Often this requires coordinating other people to pick up and drop off the children so the mom can take care of other family needs. It would be impossible to do this without a phone, but the Lifeline program takes away that worry.
  • Manage Medical Care: Children have so many medical needs and daily bumps and bruises, that it is likely there is some kind of medical care required every month. Without a telephone to set appointments, get referrals, and order prescriptions, the mom may be forced to take a sick child around town in order to accomplish everything. With a Lifeline phone, mom can stay at home taking care of her children and only leave to keep an actual appointment.
  • Support the Job Search Process: Moms who are trying to provide the best for their family often want to get a job, but find this is almost impossible to achieve without a phone. They can’t contact potential employers or schedule job interviews. A phone allows them to set interviews and arrange babysitting services while they are gone.

Only one Lifeline subscription benefit per household is allowed, but the peace of mind it provides makes it well worth investigating for senior citizens, and any low-income or single-parent household. Single moms interested in learning more about the Lifeline program can visit the Q Link Wireless website or call Q Link, toll-free at 1-855-754-6543. “Like” the Facebook page to receive ongoing updates on the Lifeline Assistance Program.

Above content provided by Issa Asad CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in Dania, Florida.

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