By David Dwork

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LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers got a big win on Monday over the Denver Nuggets, but much of the attention surrounding the player and the team has nothing to do with the game.

Reports began to emerge earlier on Monday that James had unfollowed his team, the Cavs, on Twitter.

Naturally, this brought on quite a bit of speculation that James was making another cryptic message regarding his disapproval with how things are going on the Cavaliers and that he would be leaving the team again once the season is over.

That just isn’t so, according to Joe Vardon at

Vardon explains that James recently unfollowed about 14 Twitter accounts, most of which were NBA and basketball related.

Why would he do this? To block out any distractions and prepare for the playoffs.

But remember back when James was a member of the Miami Heat, he didn’t go through the trouble of unfollowing accounts that may have been a distraction but instead of just stayed completely off of Twitter until the Heat either won the NBA Championship or were eliminated from the playoffs.

Or he could just be taking his own advice…

What is troubling to many is that if this was simply a move to avoid distractions during the playoffs, why didn’t James acknowledge it as just that when asked following Monday’s game.

When asked why he unfollowed the Cavaliers official twitter account, there were several seconds of silence before James replied “next question.”

Odds are that James, and his teammates, will be asked about this a few more times in the coming days.

Why would that be a distraction?