By Peter D'Oench

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HIALEAH (CBSMiami) – The pastor of a prominent Hialeah church says he is alarmed after his church school was broken into for the second time in a week. They are now taking some special steps to prevent the crimes from happening again.

The Faith Christian Church school has been operating since the 1960s. A total of 110 children, between 2-1/2 years old all the way up to 8th grade, attend classes there.

“Anytime you take from children and you take from the churches, you have to wonder about the character of the individual,” said the Rev. James Edge of Faith Lutheran Church.

Edge told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench, “We pray for them and we pray that God will turn their heart around and see repentance.”

Hialeah police said a burglar, or burglars, broke in to the Faith Christian Church school at 293 Hialeah Drive in the middle of the night by going in through a window.

Pastor Edge said the week before, someone broke into the church school – though nothing was taken.

“I think it doesn’t matter how many times,” said Edge. “It’s still the same loss no matter what.”

Edge said three laptops computers were stolen, including Lenovo and Hewlett Packard laptops.

“We lost three laptops,” said Edge. “They’re run of the mill laptops like you would find in any school.”

On Tuesday morning, the church school looked like a crime scene, with police combing the school for clues.

David Everett has two daughters at the school.

He told D’Oench, “Right now people have very little respect for anybody or anything. They are thieves and they are going to take from anybody’s school. We have to do a better job at watching them. If they don’t respect the church or school, they are going to come back.”

“It’s sad,” he added. “It is very sad. Now the items have to be replaced. It’s going to be tough on the kids.”

Pastor Edge hopes someone will help police.

“Please contact the Hialeah olive Department and let them know what you have seen,” he said. “If you have seen anybody suspicious around the school and this neighborhood, call police.”

The church school is installing a new surveillance system and hopes that will serve as a deterrent.

It’s not known if Hialeah police have any suspects.

They do not have surveillance tape to release.

Anyone with information should call them or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS (8477).

Peter D'Oench