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PLANTATION (CBSMiami) – Bruce Jorgensen is accused of deserting his 16-year-old son, Aage, on the streets of Plantation after an argument over the boys’ behavior.

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In a lengthy interview Friday at his attorney’s office, Jorgensen denied deserting the boy and went step-by-step over the efforts he’s taken to find his son.

He also spoke about how he feels the Plantation Police overreacted and misconstrued his efforts.

Jorgensen made it clear that his focus is finding his son.

The boy vanished after Jorgensen kicked him out of his car two months ago during a fight.

“I feel horrible every day,” Jorgensen told CBS 4’s Carey Codd.

Jorgensen says he told his son to walk home to their Plantation condo on December 27th, after kicking him out of his car but Aage never returned.

Plantation police say Jorgensen failed to file a police report on his missing son and was uncooperative with investigators.

Jorgensen says he didn’t immediately go to the police because Aage’s run away before and Jorgensen always found him with the help of a private investigator.

“He had a history of running from anybody who was police related,” Jorgensen said. “I know what works best and what doesn’t. And I know the fears that my son has and doesn’t.”

But why Jorgensen would kick his son out of his car when he knew the boy had a history of running away?

“I was not at all concerned because form my standpoint it was all a thing of the past,” Jorgensen said.

Still, police arrested Jorgensen as they say he was about to board a flight out of the country on a one way ticket.

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Jorgensen says the police were wrong and that he booked a round trip ticket as he headed to the Northern Mariana Islands for a court hearing.

“You can’t unring the bell, though,” Jorgensen said.

Jorgensen says he’s been unfairly portrayed.

At a recent court hearing, prosecutors intimated that Jorgensen may have taken his son from his mother years ago.

Jorgensen says that’s not the case and that Aage hasn’t heard from his mother for years, despite knowing where they were for a long period of time.

“She either knew or should have known precisely where we were,” Jorgensen said. “She had every opportunities for a period of years to either make an appearance, contact us, come and visit. She didn’t do that.”

The pair recently moved to South Florida where Aage attended American Heritage and immersed himself in a local tennis program. Jorgensen says he and Aage have lived out in the open.

“I’ve never used a false name for myself or for him,” he said.

Jorgensen chalks up Aage’s latest disappearance to the boy’s age.

“The problem is he’s 16,” Jorgensen said.

Aage has been spotted twice since he disappeared but not for a while now. Bottom line, Jorgensen says he’s desperate to find his son.

“I love you,” he said, sending a message to Aage. “I miss you. I hope you’re being safe. There’s a lot of people who you don’t even know are your friends who want you to come home. I do, too. No matter how bad you think things might be, everything gonna be ok.”

Jorgensen has set up an email address for people to email tips with information about Aage – He is also offering a reward of $5,000 dollars for information that leads to Aage’s whereabouts.

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The next step in the criminal case is for prosecutors to decide whether they will file formal charges against Jorgensen. We should know the answer to that in a month or two.