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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Mark this day as a pivotal point in human-cyborg relationships and one that our eventual robot overlords just may use as evidence against its creator — proving once and for all that human beings are simply jerks.

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In a new video released by Boston Dynamics — a robotics design company owned by Google’s secret research and development subsidiary known only as “X” — the latest mobile robot was on display showing all the cool stuff it can do.

“Atlas” is designed to operate indoors and outdoors, using sensors in its body to walk up stairs, open doors and navigate the world around it by avoiding obstacles.

To further demonstrate Atlas’ abilities, researchers even begin to mess with the robot as it tries to complete tasks like picking up a box. Just as Atlas bends down and reaches for it, staff slide the box out of the robot’s reach, forcing it to readjust its body, realign its target and try again.

Viewers can’t help but feel empathy for Atlas when eventually the torture experiments kick in, with staff shoving it hard to the ground.

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Its balance shifts, its knees buckle and Atlas collapses face first into the cement.

But like the Terminator, Atlas feels no pain nor embarrassment. Seconds tick by but you see the magical gears turn and think about what to do next.

The knee joints soon push up and the machine transforms back into its 5’9″ frame, ready to serve or be the victim of more torment, once again.

Over the years, Boston Dynamics has released several impressive videos of their progress and triumphs on their YouTube channel. Though, not every model has been a success. Earlier creations were rejected for being too noisy for military use and other limitations.

But the future is upon us.

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The question is now whether or not the world is ready to take the next step in the field of robotics. Clearly, the robot has already left several footprints.