FOX Sports and NFL Network analyst Charles Davis joined the Joe Rose Show on 560 WQAM to discuss the Senior Bowl, players to watch heading into the NFL Draft and a preview of the upcoming match-up in Super Bowl 50.

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On Senior Class: “At the Senior Bowl itself, the defensive line was by far the dominate group. The tackles were off the charts. You were talking about name after name after name that you can say ‘That’s a potential first round guy.’”

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On Wentz: “This kid can move, has more than enough arm. He looked accurate to me. He looked confident in the stage he was on. I think this kid is a legitimate first round guy, and because of quarterback need and because the teams at the top of the draft are extremely needy, he may go that high. I’m not sure he’s of that level.”

On the Dolphins: “I don’t know that we had a first round corner at the Senior Bowl.”

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