The Playmaker is irked about the national media stomping on the face of the Miami Hurricanes’ football program.

“It is killing me watching Miami go through this, it really is” Michael Irvin said on Hochman, Crowder and Krantz. “And everybody is enjoying this. Everybody.

“Everybody is coming out of the woodwork, like we got ’em now, where they’re down and they’re never coming back up and I just don’t believe that to be reality… And let me tell you something else that gets on me. Mark May always talking about all these players should do this, you’re on national television telling us to go and create a violation. The NCAA should have got him off TV, they should have taken him off TV right there, telling the old players to go and recruit and go get the players. Like, dude, that’s against the rules. We would love to do that. IT’S AGAINST THE CURRENT RULES.”

On the state of Canes football, Irvin says “we will bring it back.”

“The next guy has to be the right guy. I don’t know if he’s a Canes guy. What I want is an exciting offense. It’s not just about wins, it’s even about how we win. You know what I mean? You’ve got to bring something that makes people put down all that other stuff to do in Miami and show up at the games and enjoy the games, and get crazy about the games and have ownership again.”

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