Can the Miami Hurricanes job be considered a pristine gig in college football nowadays?

“Of course. Of course it can. No job is easy,” CBS lead college football analyst Gary Danielson said on the Joe Rose Show. “The great jobs like Alabama or Michigan or Texas or USC — the hard part of those jobs are you either win a national championship every four years or you’re considered a loser. I dont see why Miami cant be in the hunt for playoff contention every second, third year. I mean they get enough good football players and there’s enough of a path to get to the playoffs that it can be a great job. the challenge for the Miami job nowadays is because of their odd configuration — no onsite stadium, they play at the Dolphins’ stadium — and the fan base of Miami is very demanding. They’re not gonna watch a seven or eight win football team. Now if you have a good football team, they’ll show up.

“You give them a great product, they’re all in. so that’s the challenge. You go there and you gotta win big or it looks pretty bad.”

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