“I’ve worked with Al Golden and I always end up with like a soft spot for guys who come visit us in the studio so I’m trying to be as neutral as possible,” CBS College Football Today host Adam Zucker said on the Joe Rose Show. “I know it feels like he’s been there for a long time but I also think that once the sanctions are removed you almost have to hit reset. And it’s not like you hit refresh and the page loads instantaneously. Recruits take a couple of years to become guys, to become players, most of the time. To me, Al Golden still has to be given time. I think he’s getting some players but he has to take advantage of the turnover at Florida. You can’t have Jim McElwain come in at Florida and turn them into contenders so quickly like he has and yet you’re in a conference that’s perceived to be weaker and you’re not doing it. But at the same time if you’re a recruit and going to Miami, there’s nobody there watching the games and I know that’s always been a problem but if that’s gonna determine where a recruit goes and the recruits comparing it with Florida and Florida State and other programs, it’s not the coach’s fault — I don’t know if it’s anyone’s fault… so you’re in a jam there.

“I’m always pulling for him. I think you’re in for a tough one [against Clemson]… Clemson’s gonna be a tough, tough out but if Miami pulls it off, they can definitely put the plane on the tarmac and stop flying those banners.”

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