The Miami Dolphins obviously altered some things during the bye week when Dan Campbell took over as head coach.

“I feel like we kinda had to hit the reset button,” Cameron Wake said on Hochman, Crowder and Krantz. “Even for me personally, I look at each week as a new week. Everyone that happened before doesn’t matter.”

Wake says Campbell’s unique style of practice “brings that true, raw spirit of football.”

What specifically has Campbell said to reinvigorate a roster that went 1-3 before the bye week?

“He just talked about how this is a rare opportunity and he’s still around the game but he misses that competition. He misses going on the field and running around with your buddies and your fellas and all the things that come along with being in this fraternity, this brotherhood that we call football. And that a lot of guys, when they step away from the game, you can’t really mimic that or replace that. So talking about how you have to do everything you can to stay in as long as you can and then see the moment because every year there’s different challenges and it’s not always gonna be available. I think everything he does, he wants to make sure everybody’s getting the best out of each other.”

Cam also dropped a unique nugget on his way out.

“Dolphins trivia: this might be the only D-line ever in the history [of the NFL] — all four starting linemen, none of us have tattoos.”

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