“At a certain point don’t you have to be there every day if you’re the owner of a team?” Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio said on the Joe Rose Show. “Let’s be candid about it Joe. Stephen Ross tried to buy the Jets, which made a heck of a lot more sense from his geographic location and his business interests. Tried to buy the Jets, didn’t get the Jets.

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“Think of any business where the guy who owns the business is never there. Can you trust that there’s going to be a properly functioning organization when the guy who owns the business is never there? Think of all the dysfunction — the Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin, Dawn Aponte triangle and everybody’s fighting for turf battles and people are running back to Steve Ross… I think that this team would be a lot better off if he was there every day, if he was rolling up his sleeves and working alongside the people he’s hired to run the team everyday. I think that sends a powerful message from the top of the organization all the way down.”

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