“I think his departure is inevitable,” NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington said on the Joe Rose Show, “And this is one of those things where we all have to sit back and chill out. Which I know Dolphins fans and actually Dolphins reporters lately are seemingly incapable of doing. But I would just sit back and let this thing play out. Dan Campbell does have the authority to make the decisions as it pertains to the coaching staff.

“Whether it happens or not, give it 24 hours. The Dolphins aren’t gonna play a game for another 11, 12 days so I think it’s very clear though to the fan base, I think it’s very clear to many people in that building that Coyle needs to be replaced if not because of schematics, perhaps more importantly just because the locker room needs to get behind somebody else at this point and I think that when you lose a locker room that’s when things really fall apart and the Dolphins have to be very leery about losing their locker room.”

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