Did Ndamukong Suh get away with a dirty move after tackling Washington running back Alfred Morris last week?

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“I think it was [dirty]. I think he got away with one, Joe,” Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio said on the Joe Rose Show.  “Because the NFL doesn’t want to pick anymore fights right now and lose them. Seriously. Why didn’t they suspend Pacman Jones? Because here’s what happens: you suspend a player on Monday or Tuesday, he has immediate appeal rights to an independent, neutral person who’s not connected.

“And we saw it last December for the playoff game against the Cowboys. Ndamukong Suh was suspended for stepping on the leg of Aaron Rodgers and he had this B.S. explanation that his feet were numb because it’s cold at Lambeau field… Well he still was fined $70,000 but the suspension was overturned.”

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